3- Minute Reading Ritual

3-Minute Reading Ritual

3-Minute Reading Ritual

Yoga,massages, naps, visualizations and exercise among others aretechniques that individuals employ in attempts to retain balance andovercome stress at work. In addition, the 3-minute reading ritual isunique in healthcare and practiced by caregivers before working asrecommended by some health care professionals. People hold diverseopinions on this where some tend to see it as a waste of time. Isturdily believe the ritual aids the caregivers to unwind and focuspromoting success at work and they should kowtow to it.

Davis(2009), in her workbook that teaches clinically provenstress-management and relaxation techniques, argues that commencingthe day with a relaxation exercise makes people more focused andproactive in dealing with stressful demands of their day. She addsthat choosing a quiet place with no interruptions would be ideal toachieve total relaxation.

Witheach passing day, caregivers are bombarded with cumbersome tasks ofnurturing individuals with needs in the society. This career makesthem vulnerable to being drained, exhausted and emotional. Practicingthe 3-minute reading ritual revitalizes them and makes them ready toface the challenges they come across at work. It provides a platformfor them to relax their mind, clear it, forget about their previousworries and rejuvenate their minds ready to venture fearlessly intothe day`s tasks.

Thecustom provides a getaway to deviate from their normal routine andescape to a haven of peace and recovery where they do not get tothink about their work. This re-energizes them improving theirthinking and ability to make informed decisions after all, change isalways as good as a rest

Acheerful caregiver will extend the same happiness to their patientswhereas a distressed one will direct the same to their patients.Caregivers should embrace this ritual as Davis (2009) argues. “Paceyourself. Don’t rush. It will get done”.


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