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WhenI was writing my literature review, I had to develop themes andheadings. This was with the aim of analyzing thoroughly the varyingperspectives set forward in the significant studies and show how theyrelate to my research. My literature review had to tell an intriguingstory that paves the way to how and why I am interested in theresearch topic.

Asa result, developing themes was critical in my work. I knew that if Iam writing a good literature review, it had to be descriptive andanalytical. My literature review was able to compare, assess, andcontrast the previous works done by other authors. At this point, Ihad confidence in the success of my progress.

Myexperience with the development of the themes and the written work ofthe review was a success. Everything ran smoothly after Iincorporated two components in my work. That is:


Isummarized what other individuals had found in their work withoutdirectly linking their thoughts to my research as at that point.Generally, I did a chronological rundown of who found what, and when.My work was then ready for the next step (Zorn &amp Campbell, 2006).


Iincorporated the findings of other researchers and briefly condemnedthe relative findings of the examination relating to my field. Thisstage uncovers constraints or perceives the likelihood of taking myresearch further, permitting me to justify and formulate my aims formy research (Hall et al., 2015).

Lastly,my literature review has two principle purposes:

1)To put my examination in the connection of past research andlegitimize how I have approached my examination.

2)To give proof to clarify the discoveries of my examination (Wisker,2015).


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