A Plan to Raise My Performance


I have noted with great concern that I was performing poorly in mystudies. Consequently, I have taken diverse measures that I expectthey will help me improve my grade significantly since last year.First, I have improved my English skills by spending extra time doinga personal study and holding discussions with my friends. SinceEnglish is my second language, I enrolled in an English course thathas helped me to improve command in the language substantially. Besides, I have also been attending classes without fail, and I havetried to improve my mathematical skills by consulting my lecturersand taking extra courses. Moreover, I was an avid video game playerlast year. However, I have sought counseling and quit the behavior sothat I can spend the extra time doing my studies. I have alsodeveloped a schedule for doing physical exercise, and it has helpedme to remain fit and healthy. Lastly, I am not dedicating a lot oftime to entertainment like used to so I can manage to sleep beforeeleven as well as ample to rest. Subsequently, I am now able toremain focused in an entire lesson because I do not doze in class.

I have made several plans to improve my performance. I settled forthe decision of attending all classes on time to ensure that no pointis made in my absence. In addition, I have resulted to asking aquestion during the lesson instead of waiting for the lesson to end.I found that the professors relate the problem well that the subjectwhen teaching and I understand better than when I ask it at the endof the lesson. I also have a plan for doing my homework immediately Iget rather than waiting for the last day. Lastly, I plan to see myacademic advisor every week to share the challenges I face andreceive advice from him.