A Review of Sondheimas Company Synopsis

AReview of Sondheimas Company


Themusical comedy Sondheimas Company is based on a storyline of a personwho does not wish to get married. The company is an artwork that wasdone in 1970 and was based on a story line in the book by GeorgeFurth and directed through act by Stephen Sondheim by adding lyricsand music. Bobby, a single man is not able to commit himself fully ina relationship as demonstrated by the desire to stay alone (Sondheim,2011). As such, he does not even engage in a relationship despite thepressure from his friends and three girlfriends. However, the artworkcombines, comedy music, and moral lessons to the audience.


Incontrast to what other artist do in regard to comedy, the piece ofart follows a clear delineated plot. The concept is enhanced furtherthrough the musical aspect that is encompassed of orchestra work ofshort vignettes that add value to the play. However, the storyline isnot however based on any chronological order of events by the musicalbeats make the comedy lively.

Inregard to the theme, the film has a strong message in regard torelationships and marriage. The challenge that Bobby faces due to hismarital life is a clear demonstration of some people in the society.It therefore poses to be an educative piece of art that offers morallesson to people with great sense of humor from the comical aspectwhile the orchestral music beats entertain the audience. The shortbreaks helps to eliminate the monotony in the theater while theaudience remain glued to the unfolding in a comical manner. As statedby Sondheim puts it, &quotBroadway Theater has been for many yearssupported by upper-middle-class people with upper-middle-classproblems”, the artwork was of essence to adults (Sondheim, 2011)


TheSondheimas Company was a hilarious theater work and the combinationof music, comic and moral stories was the best combination. As such,the fact that Bobby was not married and opted to stay such, it formedthe storyline. As such, people were told what they never assumed tohear from the theatre as a majority of the audience seemed todemonstrate some characters as Bobby.


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