A Stimulus for Health Information Technology in Health Care

AStimulus for Health Information Technology in Health CareOrganizations

AStimulus for Health Information Technology in Health CareOrganizations

TheHealth Information for Economic and Clinical Health Act is alegislation that was enacted in the year 2009. The main purpose ofHITECH act was to stimulate or encourage health care facilities toadopt the modern technology, which gives a promise of efficiency,quality care, and a reduction in the cost of delivering health care(Rouse, 2015).

HITECHAct has two major benefits to physician offices. First, the actprovides the guideline that all health care facilities (includingphysician offices) should follow when adopting new technology, whichreduces chances for conflicting with the judicial system (HIPAASurvival Guide, 2015). Secondly, through the HITECH provisions,physician offices can access grants for training their members ofstaff on the significance and how to apply the modern technology intheir daily practices.

Managersof physician offices face three major types of challenges whenimplementing the provisions of HITECH. The first challenge is thelack of adequate skills that can help them interpret these provisionsand operate machines that are supposed to help the facility enhanceefficiency (HIPAA Survival Guide, 2015). Secondly, HITECH has broughtaggressive oversight over physician offices, which limits theautonomy of managers. Third, managers of physician offices dislikeHITECH because it has increased penalties. Fourth, compliance withHITECH increase security threats for physician offices sinceelectronic records are more susceptible to access by unauthorizedpersons compared to offline records.

Managersof physician offices address these challenges by training theirmembers of staff. Through training, physician offices are able toenhance the capacity of their staff to implement all provisions ofHITECH, thus avoiding penalties and helping the offices take fulladvantage of the act.

Oneof the additional solutions that physician offices should consider isthe use of standard encryption of health care records. This isbecause data breach is the major factor that increases chances forpenalties (Oracle, 2011).

Inconclusion, HITECH was enacted to encourage health care facilities toadopt technology that can help them enhance efficiency contain thecost of care, and quality of care. However, managers of physicianoffices face numerous challenges when implementing the provisions ofthe act.


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