Ittook a lot of questioning and effort in realizing the career path Iwould like to take. My desire for accountancy profession started whenI was in primary school. I would sell sweets to my classmates.However, I realized I had a challenge in record keeping. Thechallenges made me have an insight to acquire skills relevant forrecord keeping. When I joined secondary school, I registered for and Finance class. It is while in secondary school that Imade a decision to pursue a career in accountancy.

Studying and Finance at A-Level gave me a good understanding of thebasic knowledge and skills required in the profession. I wasregularly given the responsibility of data entry and being part ofthe team assessing projects’ feasibility. I also carried out ratioanalysis of a proposed school expansion project. I was able tounderstand the accounting trends that led to the 2008 FinancialCrisis. My desire to challenge the findings of the Wall Street on thecauses of the financial crisis increased my understanding of thefinancial markets.

Ijoined Swansea University and studied and Finance for fouryears to further my skills in accountancy. I subscribed to “FinancialTimes Magazine” and “The Economist” to keep me updated on therecent financial trends. At Swansea University I learnt variousaccounting techniques such as cash budgeting, project appraisaltechniques, cost accounting, financial management, and managementaccounting processes. I successfully represented the University inInter-University and Finance Competitions. In all thecompetitions, we emerged the winners.

Ihave a desire to advance my studies in and Finance in amore challenging environment with the aim of becoming a charteredaccountant. That’s why I wish to enroll for a Masters course andother supplemental courses. Outside school, I enjoy going to the gym,writing and socializing.