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4th November, 2015

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Dear Sir/Madam,


I hereby write to you to complain about disruptive noises comingfrom your premise. Over the pasts several weeks, there has been highpitch noise emanating from the activities of your business, and theyhave adversely affected the activities my premises. It is noble tobring to your attention that our premises are only 20 meters apartand therefore, any loud noise echoes into our premises.

Over the past two weeks, customers in our premises have beencomplaining about the discomfort as a result of the noise andrequested if we could do anything about it. Also, several of themhave been avoiding our premises after realizing that we have not doneanything about the noise. We have consequently fallen short of oursales, and the problem seems to inflate every day.

Last week, we made an informal request if you could reduce the noiseand confirmed that it was possible since I could not affect yourprocesses. However, up to now you have not reduced the noise, and iteven seems like it has even gotten louder. For the good of ourbusiness and maintaining the mutual relationship we have shared for along time, we request that you honor your promise of making theenvironment conducive for us to conduct business.

I believe that we can settle the matter among ourselves withoutinvolving a third party. For the future of our business prosperityand the continued mutual relationship, we request that you considerreducing the noise as a matter of urgency.