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Thediscrimination of persons on the grounds of their personalcharacteristics (such as age) is quite common in the contemporarysociety. Ageism refers to a form of discrimination against people onthe basis of their age (Singh, 2010). Ageism is quite prevalent inthe modern places of work, especially in the organizations where theworkforce is comprised of people from different generations. In oneof the recent cases of ageism, Bobby Nickel, one of the employees atStaple Inc was discriminated against by his young supervisors, whocalled him “old coot” during the employee meetings (Misheloff,2014). Theyoung supervisors could not get into terms with Nickel pressured himto resign, but the main cause of disagreement was the age difference.

Inmost cases ageism target older adults or seniors who need to berespected at places of work or in any other settings in the society,given that the success organizations are based on the platform thatwas laid by these seniors. Instead, ageism denies older adults theirfreedom, choice, and dignity. In the case of Nickel, ageism turnedhis place of work into a source of his emotional suffering, notbecause he was incompetent, but because he was older than hissupervisors (Misheloff,2014).

Ageismcan be prevented through several strategies. The first one is througheducation, where employees can be enlightened on how to work in adiverse workforce. In addition, civic education can be administeredto members of the society in order to prevent ageism statements beinguttered against older adults (Monsees,2015). Secondly,organizations can formulate policies that punish their members oremployees who discriminate against others on the basis of age, evenbefore the issue gets into the judicial system.


Ageismis a serious form of discrimination that affects the group of people(older adults) who needs to be protected and respected in thesociety. Organizations and community leaders have the responsibilityto educate their members and formulate policies that will protectolder adults.


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