Aldi Limited

656-Avenue, Coralville,

Iowa Area,

External Investor,



Following an increase in the workload and the need for a flexibleschedule, we came up with the decision to hire an assistant managerfor our Coralville franchise. We asked the current manager to designan advertisement for the local dailies. This far, we have receivedonly six resumes. We intend to increase our efforts to broaden thepool from which we will select our new assistant manager. Below is acritique of each candidate’s resume relative to the jobdescription. At the end, we have indicated the candidates who willproceed to the interview.

Charles F Black

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. His strongpoints relative to this job are as follows. He has a relevanteducation background, and he is conversant with office software, andexperienced in supporting top management. As an intern, he worked atthe front desk, therefore acquiring skills in communication andcustomer service.

Weaknesses in his CV include the lack of experience in managing manyemployees, lack of sales promotion skills, has never worked in aretail store and he does not have experience in bookkeeping.

Amanda Downing

Her strong points include experience in opening and closing stores,tracking and ordering inventory, and customer service. Besides, shehas a high GPA to signify her capability to learn new skills fastenough. She has also held the position of an assistant manager in aretail store.

On the down side, her educational background does not provide herwith the basics of management. She has a degree in psychology.

Heather G Brightly

His main strong point is his high GPA- 3.8/4.0. He seems to be goodat planning events and doing charity.

His principal undoing is lack of experience in a businessestablishment that deals with clients directly. He is a researchscientist with experience in scientific work. His educationalbackground did not prepare him to be a manger or work in a businessestablishment.

James Kanfer.

He has a degree in actuarial science supplemented with a high GPA. Hehas also done three professional exams. He has worked in a businesscorporation where he developed an MS excel-based computer program,taught at the university level, and worked as a bookstore clerk. Hespeaks English, Chinese and Spanish.

The candidate has never worked in a managerial position. He has neverbeen in a charge of a group of employees and has no marketingexperience.

Clara Robertson

She has experience in marketing. She was among the students selectedfor high interpersonal skills and leadership potential. She has alsoworked in a retail store as a cashier.

She does not have working experience at the managerial level. Shealso lacks experience in bookkeeping and computer skills.

Marta S Blanca

Marta Blanca is an elementary school teacher with a passion forsports. She has a broad set of computer skills, which makes her ableto run the computerized management functions.

He lacks managerial experience, marketing skills, customer serviceand interpersonal skills. She has never worked in a retail store orany other business premise for that matter.

Selection for the interview

For the sake of this job, we decided that the following candidateswould proceed to the interview.

We have selected Charles F black because he has an educationalbackground in management. We selected Amanda Downing because of herpast experience, working as an assistant manager. James Kanfer wasalso selected because she has worked as a clerk and can developsoftware systems. Finally, we selected Clara Robertson because of herexperience in marketing.

Best Regards