An analysis of the skills and knowledge required to undertake degree


Ananalysis of the skills and knowledge required to undertake degreestudies in Business Management

Notingthe vast increase in business ventures and more people round theworld opting to try their hands in entrepreneurship, varsities sawthe need to offer degree programs that would aid students’ quest intheir dire need for the skills needed. Degree programs for BusinessManagement introduced into the varsities opening doors for prospectentrepreneurs by furnishing them with the shrewdness of changingdrifts in the world of business (Aishahet al., 2011).Under Business Management, students are introduced to the language ofbusiness get to learn on slants for making business pronouncementsas well as executing ideas, acquaintance of contemporary business andcurrent concerns as well as mastering and perfecting the skillsnecessary while following a career path in entrepreneurship.

Notablyimportant is that students of Business Management do not necessarilyhave to follow a future career path in entrepreneurship as they canalso foresee innumerable different sectors. This is because businessmanagement graduates are highly pursued by a divergence ofestablishments resulting from their sharpened skills as well as vastknowledge of the world of business (Aishahet al., 2011).Business management as a discipline holds a number of departments,which also stand on their own such as human resources, publicrelations, accounts, marketing among others.

Foran individual willing to undertake a degree course in businessmanagement, they have to possess sturdy virtuous skills. This isbecause majorities of the fields in which it is applied are sensitiveareas mostly dealing with direct transactions of cash. It is thusvital to note that honesty is a virtue one ought to uphold whenwilling to study business management more so with intent of ending upin entrepreneurship. Negotiation is a characteristic that definesbusiness management with specific bias to entrepreneurship. Accordingto (Allan,2009), Prospectstudents of business management thus must possess strong negotiationskills that are convincing enough for acquisition of large economiesof scale. Successful business establishments are characterized bystrong and convincing negotiation skills by the proprietors andmanagers that run them.

Sinceas noted earlier business management is a wide discipline harboringan array of other many disciplines, prospects of business managementstudies should at least be in possession of leadership skills. Thisis because they are bound to have control over a group of people intheir operations. Business management barely operates on its own butrather works closely with other departments, students of businessmanagement therefore, are expected to be strong team workers who caneasily work round a team of others while maintaining proper relationsand cohesion in the work place. Students of business management areexpected to be self-driven thus capitalizing on minimal supervisionin their duties (Brown&amp Clinton, 2010).This emanates from the fact that there are many substituentdisciplines under business management. For proper coordination andcohesion therefore, one willing to end up in entrepreneurship must beself-driven and focused to avoid mishaps in delivery of dutiesdelegated unto them.

Proficiencyin mathematical ability is a necessary have for anyone willing toundertake a degree course in business management. This is becausemajorities of the units are problematic solving related involvingcalculations such as inventories, bookkeeping and statistics. Withthe advancements in technology and changing times, knowledge of IT isvital while taking up a degree course in business management. This isbecause business is crucial and students have to keep themselvesafloat with the recent changing trends of modern times. Stronganalytical skills also crown an interested party of a businessmanagement degree. This is because the program indulges an individualwith more of analysis. Strategic and managerial skills are a musthave for one willing to undertake the course in that everythingpertaining the course revolves round strategic planning andmanagement. According to (Hargieet al., 2004), successfulbusiness establishments are characterized by efficacy and efficiencyin strategic planning and management.

Managementand entrepreneurships are areas where one needs total focus andemploy firm decisions while passing on judgment or implementing newplans. A minor mistake of indecisiveness can see an entire empirecrumbling down hence the need for one to acquire the skill. Anentrepreneur or manager must possess the capability of effectiveproblem solving. Faced with challenges brought forth by their teams,managers therefore must be equipped with problem solving tactics tosalvage the situation at hand (Knowledgemanagement abstracts, 2003).Practical skills are vital in studying business and successfullyfollowing a path in entrepreneurship as business, management followsmore of a practical approach rather than a theoretical approach.

Forone willing to undertake a course in business, management and theyfeel they do not possess enough skills and knowledge to go throughit, there are various ways through which they can refresh as well aseffectively manage to find their war round. According to (Knowledgemanagement abstracts, 2003), extensiveresearch in the world of business is of importance as the individualis bound to keep themselves abreast with the latest happenings inbusiness. Based on the technological advancements evident in themodern day world, an individual can ensure they keep themselvesup-to-date with the changing trends in technology. This is to ensurethey keep themselves posted with the latest in terms of apps used inbusiness, technology used in making work easier among many more.

Onecan also attend workshops, seminars and entrepreneurship forums thatoften provide room for one to gain knowledge of entrepreneurship as awhole. Through such platforms, they can get to pose their questionswhere they not only get answers but also mingle and interact withother people sharing common interests with them hence buildingconnections. Individuals can also enroll into mentorship programswhere they are monitored by professions in the field who will notonly answer their questions but also provide evidence approach skillsto the program (Tibergien&amp Pomering, 2005).


Inconclusion, the study of business management one interesting venturesespecially due to its dynamics. Graduates of the course are highlysought after due to their expertise in sectors such as banking,finance, consultancy, education, insurance among many others.However, a good fraction opts to follow a career path intoentrepreneurship. With the degree, they are bound to build strong andsuccessful business entities.


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