Analysis of the Recent Events in the U.S

Analysisof the Recent Events in the U.S

Event1: Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate, on October 13, 2015

Oneof the key strengths of multiparty democracy in the United Statespolitical system is the strength of the political parties. In lightof this, the Democrats held their first democratic presidentialelection debate was held on 13thOctober 2015 in Las Vegas. Among the debaters was Hillary Clinton,Senator Bernie Sanders, Former Governor and Senator of Rhode IslandLincoln Chafee, Former Virginia governor Jim Webb and finally formerMaryland governor Martin O’Malley (Luhbyand Grise 1).The debate marked with agreement on many issues showed the politicalmaturity of the candidates. Notably the first issues in thediscussion were the racial disparities in income, economicopportunities, and education and incarceration rates. All members inthe discussion showed their support of the Black Lives Mattermovement.

Discussionof issues was another show of maturity of the party and thecandidates. For instance, they debated on the on whether EdwardSnowden was a traitor or a hero. Edward has been in the headlines forleaking classified information revealing the National SecurityAgency’s mass surveillance plans. The former governor and Senatorof Rhode’s Island was the only candidate who suggested that EdwardSnowden shouldn’t be charged. He further charged by the governmentby indicating that the government was unfair and was acting againstthe law (Luhbyand Grise 1).In a wider discussion on patriotic act, the former governor alsopointed out the mistakes against the warrantless surveillance of theAmerican people. He continued to support his support for his voteagainst its legislation. However the former Secretary of State’sHillary Clinton defended her support on the vote for the patrioticact illustrating that the law was necessary to put in place thenational security needed.

Allcandidates touched on the affirmative action of the United Statesgovernment on higher education student loans. They all agreed thatcurrently the American people are unfortunately cumbered with highcollege fees. Both Hillary Clinton and Sanders highly criticized thehigh cost of college education and called for urgent reforms thatwill be aimed at lowering the burden of student loans debts andattaining. These reform actions will be aimed to attain lessexpensive higher learning student loansGrise 1).O’Malley pointed further that efforts should be intensified to makecollege debt free options for all American people.

Event2: Campaign Advertisement by Ben Sanders, on 2ndNovember, 2015

Oneof the issues that challenge democracy in the United States is thecost of campaigns and the aspect of advertising candidates on themedia. In light of this, it is good to note that Ben Sanders, aRepublican presidential candidate placed his first media advert on2ndNovermber 2015 (Merica1). The former Vermont Senator Ben Sanders has come up stronglyagainst the issue placing his blame on the Supreme Court’s decisionon a Citizens United for a campaign finance system that he termedcorrupt.

Inregard to financing campaigns, people are always curious, where themoney comes from. For Sanders, he indicated that the above decisionundermines the American democracy in the United States. He indicatedthat he did not raise his funds from a super PAC. PAC is a sort ofindependent political action committee that allows unlimited fundsfor political campaigns from corporations or unions.

Inaddition, Bernie recently released a televised ad in his quest for apresidential campaign that went on air in New Hampshire and Lowa(Merica1). The said ad is his bibliography that illustrates his early publiceducation to college level. It further demonstrates his early lifethat depicts him as an honest leader who is steeled by the betterprinciples rather than political interests. He demonstrates hisundying quests of fighting injustices and inequality in that ad thatcost him $2million for ten days (Merica1). It is a worthy to note that the presidential candidate has plansto fight massive corruption in Wall Street and in the politicalsystem.

Event3: The Announcement that the U.S.Economy Grew at 1.5% on

Oneof the best ways to measure the performance of a government is toevaluate the performance of an economy. This is because the policiesdone by a government affect the economy directly. According to theCommerce Department, there has been a report on increased spending byconsumers twice the pace than before. This is on services such as onhealth care and insurance and goods such as furniture. Thus theUnited States economy has grown by at a 1.5% in the third quarter(Schwartz1). Chief investment strategist at Browns Brothers Harriman reportedthat personal consumption boded well for the United States Economy.

Thisis a significant indicator of the political progress of the ObamaAdministration. This is because of the increase in production and therelative ease of the inflation. According to the commerce department,inflation has been tamed. There has been increased at an annual rateof 1.3%(Schwartz1). The production in the economy increased. According to thearticle, there was a slower inventory accumulation has resulted to adownshift direction. There has been increased accumulation of goodsin the warehouses more than it was reported in the first half of2015. Most accumulation has been attributed to non-farm inventoriesthat have had a sharp increase.

Businessactivity has represented a rise in both investments in equipments andintellectual property. Spending on structures has indicated a sharpdecline a trend that has been attributed to the cutbacks in theenergy sector as a result to decrease in the oil prices in the pasttwelve months. It has been observed that that residential activityhas shown progressive improvement as a result of floating consumeractivity(Schwartz1). These improvements come after a long struggle in the pastdecades. Coupled with government spending it has resulted to a freshtailwind in the economy. In addition bond yields tickled with stockstrading slightly lower than before. This indication gives tradershope for the Federal Reserve to raise its standard of the interestrate by December.


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