Appeal to Emotion


Appealto Emotion

Appealto Emotion

Inmy opinion, the fallacy in the case of a friend being invited to gofor bike riding is effective. After the accident, the invited friendhad shoulder and neck pains. These excuses are used to justify theabsence in the bike riding event. There is high likelihood that theemotions of the friends are going to be successfully manipulated toaccept the fact that the event will have to take place despite theabsence. After the acceptance of the claim, then the friend will havethe freedom to do all the scheduled plans for that Sunday. Moreso, hewill have ample time to rest. A person has to remain rational toavoid succumbing to emotional appeals and may fail to see clearly thejustification for the claim. As a result, poor decision making andfaulty judgments are bonded to happen.

Thereare different types of fallacies and I would consider this one, asalso falling in the category of appeal to pity. The reason I amclassifying it here is because the arguer tries to make the friendsto accept a conclusion by making them feel sorry. In the evaluationfor whether the example qualified to be a fallacy, I cross checked itwith the characteristics of a good fallacy.

Firstly,the things affirmed in the argument, which is important to theconclusion, should not be true. This case is true because the mainreason for turning down the invitation was not the pain but the needfor free time and some household chores. Secondly, the connectionbetween one fact and the other should not be truly stated. Theperson, in this case, was not giving a true account of the connectionbetween the injuries of the accident hence qualifies to be a fallacy.Moreso, the vertical fashion of a fallacy is followed with thepremises at the top and the conclusions being unable to show up forthe cycling event- at the end.