Application to Waseda


Applicationto Waseda

Applicationto Waseda


Iam overtly interested in steering and finalizingresearchon Designingadvanced marketing strategies and products aswell as giving full play to theadvantages of new media.Myinterest in the topic has developed overtimethrough participating in projects involving designing marketingapproaches by utilizing innovative media channels as well as throughedification. In this regards, Iwould like to join yourinstitution to broaden myhorizons and engage in the facets of the programming I will undertaketo cultivate and develop a constructive research plan. Pursuing adegree in Business Administration (majoring in Finance) andundertaking courses related to design and computer such as Survey ofWestern Art I,2-DimensionDesign,Surveyof Motion Pictures, Information Systems,and Technology has made me understand that marketing and publicrelation management are imperative in enterprise development.Although a course in Finance may seem unrelated to Visual Arts, ithas numerous relations especially in providing insights to enterprisedevelopment and public relations. In fact, commercial value has aconstructive relationship to marketing concepts thus, developing thehighlighted research plan will help in enhancing marketing strategiesthrough innovative media channels will help firms recognize the needfor media-developed marketing strategies.

Asan efficient approach toimproving company visibility and expanding markets, new mediapublicity has a great significance concerningenterprises’ development. In this regards, the research plan willencompass facets of new media such as websites, wikis, social media,blogs, and online newspapers. In fact, through self-study, Ihave progressively comprehended that making commercial value isclosely connected with the expression of the marketingconcept. Inaddition,during the internship at Xinjiang Modern Petrochemical co., LTD,where Itook part in designing and developing the company’s website, Iunderstood that theme and element identification is the mostfundamental task in any research or undertaking. In this regards, theresearch plan will onset by identifying the predominant theme andthen proffer the most appropriate approaches and methods to attainingthe research objectives.

Visualarts and images will form an important part of the research since,in the digital era, they determine whether a marketing strategy willsucceed or not. A viable and comprehensive enterprise brand andculture must encompass visual arts and images thus, the digitalinteractivity as a theme will be an imperative component of theresearch plan. Other than images and visual arts, Iwill attempt to relate the success of some of the world’s knownmarketing strategies to augmented reality, paradigms, and culturalobjects. Images have become a material force in today’s societyhence, contemporary visual culture isno longer regardedas the force thatonly reflects and communicates with the world, but creates it. Thebeliefs, values, and desires of individuals and nations have beenincreasingly constructed, reflected and reshaped: Websites, blogs,wikis, social media platforms, advertisements, and microblogs havebecome essential to people’s lives.

Consideringthe problems identified in developing the plan as well as myacademic background in business and influencesby the works on visual culture, the plan will endeavor to develop anunderstanding ofthe implications of new media in marketing techniques. Inaddition,the plan will discuss the effectiveness, inclusiveness, andemployment of new media and the way it encompasses visual arts andcultures. Primarily,I will focus on thestudy field of visual culture and learn theoretical knowledgecomprehensively and systematically. Besides, Ialso want to acquire some professional skills. Secondly, it isinevitable to meet some problems in the course of theoretical study,especially in case analysis. Iwant to explore and analyze the problems with the newlyacquiredknowledge. After accumulating enough theoretical knowledge andexperience, Iwill return to China and apply what Ihave learned to practical cases.

Iwill develop the themes and approaches for the research fromliterature,incidences studied, already established professionalcharacterizations, researchers’ principles, material constructs,personal experience with the subject matter, and theoreticalorientation. Furthermore, Iwill induce themes from texts and utilize a multi-faceted approachaligned to secondary and primary sources of data gathering tostudying the research problem. A theoretical strategy grounded onliteraturewill form the foremost component of secondary sources. As such, thetheoretical approach will define and exemplify the research problem,objectives, and statement by utilizing reports, publications,critiques, journals, web information, and previous studies. On theother hand, Iwill employ detailed surveys, questionnaires, and illustrative casestudies based on qualitative and quantitative strategies as the beststrategies for primary data. However, Iwill utilize a questionnaire as the main source of gathering data asit will provide structured and opinionated responses to partakers’performanceand accurate information.

Theplan will undertake an ethnography approach by focusing on relationsand communications, cultures, and new media marketing. In thisregards, qualitative research will form the most part of the paper,as it a descriptive approach that utilizes pictures and words ratherthan numbers to communicate. However, quantitative research will alsoform a part, as it will help in illustrating the success ofinnovative marketing strategies. Iwill employ an Explanatory Research Design to evaluate the researchobjectives and problems to ensure that Icollect multiple data. The research plan does not belong to thescience or business field, but belongs to visual arts thus, Iwill develop a positivist and representational discernment. Iwill utilize a multi-criteria approach for data analysis involvingmeasures correlations, computer-mediatedtechniques, and case studies analysis. Throughout the research, Iwill take into consideration all ethical deliberations to ensurecogency and compliance to research philosophies.

Reasonfor Application

Frommyassessment of institutions that offer courses in visual arts anddiscussions with professionals, it is clear palpable that yourhonored institution proffers some of the best Arts programs in thecountry. Furthermore, while scrutinizing Waseda University’swebsite, Ifound Professor Yoshimoto Mitsuhiro’s study field, which is one ofmyacademic interest. It is alongside this background that Ifeel myeducational background, great interest in Visual Arts, and myinternship experience at Xinjiang Modern Petrochemical gives mea reasonable advantage to complete a degree in Arts in yourInstitution.

Apartfrom pursuing a degree in Business Administration, Ihave taken courses in Survey of Western Art I,2-DimensionDesign,Surveyof Motion Pictures, Information Systems,and Technology, which have imparted a dynamic interest and knowledgeininternational culture, visual arts and culture, and computer-mediatedcommunications.

Ibelieve Waseda University’s School of International Liberal Studieswill provide mewith an impeccable platform forlearning the professional knowledge related to cultures andcommunication expansively and thoroughly. Iam particularly interested in the application of visual culture intoenterprise brand, trademark, publicity, cultural communication, and Iwant to take such courses as Media and Communication, Selected Topicsin Cultural Studies, Seminar on Culture, Cultural Critical Theories,International Communications and Culture (Visual Culture).

Ihave always regarded yourinstitution and its values in high value,and Ifeel that taking a course in the institution will offer mean intuitive facet of life and educational expertise as well as helpmeestablish a critical framework forArts. The prospect to enroll in Waseda stresses the type ofresponsibilities and challenges I seek in a profession position. Myexperience in designing a website and aptitudesto associate with people, communicate efficiently, and the interestin learning different cultures would sustain mycontribution to the whole program inventiveness at the institution.


Iwish to pursue a career in Designs and Visual Arts, as it willprepare mefor product development, marketing, illustration, designing,cinematography, and visual artistry. Ihave an extensive understanding of marketing techniques and pursuinga career geared towards Designs,and Visual Artswill help greatly in realizing mycareer goals. However, mymain area of concern is enterprise development and promotion,although Iwill combine it with illustration, designing, and visual artistry. Toattain mycareer goals, communication, the conceptionof international cultures, and understanding of different approachestonew media and computing will play a pivotal role. Iwill develop a checklistto help mevisualize mygoals every day, discuss the goals with professionals, family, and myfriends, create a timeline and set a date to accomplish the goals,and commit mymind and resources to the goals.

Duringmypostgraduate studies at Waseda University, Iwill accumulate further practical experiences and insight throughcase analysis and research on the methods of application such as theapplication of visual culture into the promotion of enterprise brandand culture. Consequently, it is of great importance that Ipursue mystudies at Waseda University, to establish and further myknowledge system of visual culture and research methods.

Ashome to animated film and simulation, Japan has a rich industryexperience inthe movie, animation, and advertising fromthe standpoints of philosophy and practice. In addition,Japan has many Fortune 500 companies, especially in the electronicfield with comprehensive brand management capacities and corporateculture advocacy capacities. Thus, the existing vibrant culture inJapan related to new media will proffer the needed capacities andintuitions in the fruitful development of mygoals. Inthis regards, Itrust that studying at Waseda University will allow meget acquainted with the development and theory of visual culture aswell provide a dynamic support for meto establish mytheoretical and practical systems.