Assisted Living Facilities

AssistedLiving Facilities

AssistedLiving Facilities

Assistedliving facilities target older adults as their clients, but theirservices may differ slightly. Bristal Assisted Living is a facilityfor older an adult that is located along the Chestnut Ridge Road. Itis a privately held institution that was founded in the year 2000(BristalAssisted Living, 2015). Itsmain objective was to offer seniors living within Woodcliff and itssurroundings a rewarding lifestyle. Sunrise Senior Living is also aliving facility that targets seniors living in the ReminisceNeighborhood (SunriseSenior Living, 2015). However,Sunrise was founded in the year 1981, but it is also located aroundthe Woodcliff Lake region. This paper will compare Bristal AssistedLiving and Sunrise Senior Living located at Woodcliff Lake.

Servicesand amenities

Sunriseoffers numerous services that include assisted living, independentliving, memory care, dignity home care, personal care, skillednursing care, short-term care, and programming and activities (SSL,2015). Services and the type of amenities vary from one location toanother and from client to another depending on their specific needs.Additional services that are offered to clients at Sunrise includephysical fitness services, weekly housekeeping, maintenance ofbuildings, trash collection on a daily basis, social educationprograms, and monthly wellness visits by on-staff nurses. The mostcommon types of amenities include physical exercise facilities,personal laundry,

BristalAssisted Living, on the other hand, offers memory care, independentliving, Alzheimer’s day care, and assisted living services. Some ofthe key amenities include private bathroom, personal laundry,kitchenette, and all types of utilities, such as air conditioning,electricity, and heating (BAL, 2015). Bristal also offershousekeeping services on a daily basis, laundering of bath and bed ona weekly basis, 24-hour security, and scheduled transport tocommunity activities and shopping.


Sunriseaccepts multiple insurance programs that offered by the federal aswell as the state governments. For example, Sunrise helps its clientsaccess the Veteran Affairs benefits, which helps them reduce thetotal cost of assisted living as well as other expenses that are notreimbursed under the Aid and Attendance Program (SSL, 2015). Inaddition, Sunrise accept reimbursement for clients who are covered byMedicare. The management of Sunrise advises its clients on how toconvert their insurance coverage into their own long-term carebenefits. Apart from the formal financial options, Sunrise helpstheir clients lend or sell their homes in case they intend to use theproceeds to cover their expenses within the Sunrise facilities (SSL,2015).

Similarto Sunrise, Bristal accepts reimbursements from the governmentsponsored programs, such as Medicare and the Veteran program (BAL,2015). However, there is no evidence of the initiative from themanagement of Bristol to help clients dispose their assets in casethey need more funds to finance their long-term care.

ComparingSunrise and Bristal

Sunrisehas different facilities that have different bed capacities. SunriseSenior Living of Woodcliff Lake has a capacity of 116 beds (Stateof New Jersey, 2015). Sunrisedoes not publish the cost of different services, but most of itsservices are paid for on a monthly basis. Sunrise offers severaladditional services (such as meals, lawn care, laundry services, andexercise programs) without additional costs. The exact number ofstaff at Sunrise is not disclosed, but it is estimated to rangebetween 100 and 249 (Manta,2015).

Thebed capacity for Bristal Assisted Living at Woodcliff is notdisclosed, but all Bristal facilities have about 937 beds (Halladay,2015). Similarto Sunrise, Bristal does not publish information about the exactamount that the facility charges per type of service.


BristalAssisted Living and Sunrise Senior Living facility offers some commontypes of service, but Sunrise offers additional services (such as thedignity home care, short-termcare, and programming and activities) that are not offered byBristal. In addition, the two facilities accept government sponsoredinsurance programs, but Sunrise goes ahead and help its clients raisemore funds by selling their assets. The two facilities also do notdisclose some pieces of information, such as the exact charges fortheir services and the cost differences for private-pay clients.


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