`Black Boy` by Richard Wright Annotated bibliography (Hunger)

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BlackBoy’by Richard WrightAnnotatedbibliography (Hunger)

Bloom,Harold, and Richard Wright.&nbspRichardWrightś Black Boy.New York, NY: Chelsea House Publishers, 2006. Print.

Withthis book being the primary source in writing my paper, the book‘Black Boy’ by Richard Wright is his memoir that details hislife, the youth ages as well as his eventual relocation to the stateof Chicago. The book offers a first-hand information on how thingswere during the era of Jim crow. This book is an emotional narrationby the author of his journey and life which was marred with vicessuch as neglect, hunger, racial discrimination as well as violenceand being abandoned in life. This source would the ideal source tobase my research paper on, guiding on the topic reference to theeffect of hunger to the people, with the main reference being theauthor who is the main character in the book. With reference to theauthor’s narration, the book will be a reliable source towards thewriting of my topic ‘how hunger affects emotionally, physically,educationally as well as spiritually’.Beinga reliable source, as well as the primary for my paper, the bookexcellently narrated the occurrences affecting the author, hence aneffective source for my topic. It will be very useful as well asinformative in describing the different effects of hunger toindividuals. The author excellently narrates his vices throughout hisjourney and in turn the key reason it remains my primary source. Thebook has used the term hunger severally times. Despite the literalmeaning of the word hunger, the book connects, the desires exhibitedby the author which were his targets in life. For example, his desireto be a writer led to his hunger for more and better life, hence thecall for freedom, and independence for his people as well as that ofblack people in the society he lived in. The author excellentlybrings out the theme of hunger, which connects to his vices orsuffering from his child age to his adulthood. The book also relatesthe authors suffering physically due to lack of food, spiritually, ashe abandoned his people religion, educationally, as well asemotionally. With these ideas well narrated through the book, thesource remains a mainstay in my paper, topic, and thesis.Thaddeus,Janice. &quotThe Metamorphosis Of Richard Wright`s Black Boy.&quotAmerican Literature 57.2 (1985): 199. Academic Search Premier. Web.10 Nov. 2015.Thisarticle by Thaddeus is an elaboration and summary of the RichardWright’s journey as per his book “black boy”. The articlefocuses on the triumphs and suffering experienced by Richardthroughout the journey. This article will be an important piece ofinformation for the writing of my paper. This is due to the factthat, it will allow for a view of the book from another author’spoint of view. Additionally, the article has illustrated the theme ofhunger in an excellent manner, hence being a key source for my paper.This source will be an essential source towards my paper writing andthe focused topic as it focuses on my thesis for the paper, inaddition to being published by a credible journal. The articlementioned how the hunger for recognition and success affectedRichard’s emotionally.Additionally,the article by Thaddeus is retrieved from one of the reliablesources, in addition to being a peer-reviewed article, hence makingit a credible source of information for my paper. The authordiscusses the publishing of the history regarding the Richard wrightautobiography ‘black boy’ the article also gives an introductionto the unresolved opposition facing record in his memoir. The articlequotes the original Richard Wright book, in the essence to supportits author’s points, highlighting the low life of suffering thatwas experienced not only by the main character in the book but alsoto other black Americans. The article has, additionally, highlightedhow his desire for writing ‘hunger to become a renowned writer’took him away from his home (South) to Chicago in search for a betterlife. With the article maintaining the focus on the Richards journeyto the south, and his sufferings, the article is an ideal source ofinformation towards the writing of my paper. The article in turnbrings along the suffering experienced by the main character withreference to the ‘Black Boy’ book which entailed the dire needshe had such as education, freedom, emotional, spiritual and physicalstability. &quotRichardWright.&quot Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6Th Edition (2015):1. Academic Search Premier. Web. 10 Nov. 2015.Anotherarticle from a reliable journal is the article by Richard Wrightwhich is obtained from the Columbian electronic encyclopedia.However, despite the article looking to be the same with the primaryarticle, this article gives an ideal overview over the main source asit the 6th edition of the primary source. Just like the primarysource, the article has given the chronological unfolding of the maincharacter’s life with the vices that affect him throughout hisjournal. In addition to being a reliable source, the article will aswell be a big step towards the realization of my main objective andtopic. With the article’s account on the bit by bit, of theRicahrd’s journey, and how he chased his dream of becoming awriter, moving from The South to Chicago, as well as his time inParis. Just like the first publication of the book, this alsosimplifies the book’s main themes, bringing out the issue of hungerand how it affected the main character’s life throughout hisjourney. Hinds,Maurene J. A Reader`s Guide to Richard Wright`s Black Boy. BerkeleyHeights, NJ: Enslow Publishers, 2010. Print. 41Beinga reader’s guide, this book will be an essential source towards thewriting of my paper. This sis due to the fact that, the book authoredby Maurene, has excellently utilized the literal analysis of the mainbook, the ‘Black Boy’. The book has excellently identified theprimary theme of hunger in the book ‘Black boy’. With the bookbeing published for high school students, the book is, however, andan ideal source of information with reference to the theme of hungeras it’s the case with my paper. The book also entails relevant andimportant biographical information on the author. Under the chaptercovering Themes, the book excellently highlighted Hunger as one ofthe key themes being the Richards book, the ‘Black Boy’. Despitethe literally meaning of hunger, of not having enough food to eat,the same word also meant more which he looked to attain life, and inturn the troubles he went through were not only increasing his hungerfor better tomorrow, but also affected him emotionally, spiritually,and even physically.Thebook can be derived from one of the credible websites or onlinedatabase, which is reputable, and in turn making it a credible sourceof information towards the writing of my paper, as well as focusingmore into my chosen topic and theme. The web-sourced book has given adifferent meaning of the term hunger, hence serving well towards mypaper. In addition to the theme of hunger, the book constitutesadditional themes as per the primary book written by Richard Wright,this in turn makes this book and important source as it as wellhighlights the vices that faced the author from his maiden home,throughout his journey to Chicago. Being a credible source, the bookwill be an ideal source towards working on my thesis and writing ofthe paper.Kinnamon,Keneth. Richard Wright: An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism andCommentary, 1983-2003. Jefferson, N.C: McFarland &amp Co, 2006.Internet resource.Thisbeing an annotated bibliography, it would also be the ideal sourcefor my topic. This article is an important one as it offers andoverviews of the book ‘Black Boy’. In addition, the articleanalyzes the Richard Wright and African American writer. The articlealso analyzes the Richards’s book, which was taken as hisautobiography. With reference to the issue of how hunger affectedRichards physically, emotionally, educationally, as well asspiritually. The article in turn is an ideal source of informationwith regard to the issue of different pangs of hunger facing theauthor. This article assesses different authors and publications thatwere as a result of the ‘Black Boy’ publication. Again,this article highlights the theme of hunger, and how it was thedriving force behind the journal explored by the Author (RichardWright). The Article also narrates how different forms of hunger,such as his desire to be a writer affected his life and how it forcedhim to move to move to other parts of the regions (Chicago). Inaddition, the article narrates how his child lives were marred byviolence, as well as the lack of food in the homes, which in turnmade his youthful life hard that the case of the whites. With theincreased aspects of racial discrimination, Richard was in hunger forfreedom and equality among the blacks and the whites, which wouldbring long freedom and equality among the people in his community.This would in turn a positive remedy for his desire for peace,freedom and independence. SummaryPublishedin 1945, the book ‘black boy’ is Richard wright memoir with histroubled life. His life is marred with vices such as being neglected,racial discrimination, and hunger among other vices. The storycommences with the author causing a fire which burns hisgrandmother’s house. His early life and surroundings in terms offamily is marred with strict religious women while men in the societyare labeled as violence and irresponsible. He deviates from the normas he adopts atheism. He suffers from racial discrimination which wasrampant in the south during the 1920’s (Bloom and Richard,). Hisfather abandoned them at an early age, and he has to take care of hissickening mother. His family is poor, his mother is hit by a stroke.His relationship with the people around him wasn’t good due to hisaffiliation to atheism.Thebook is a narration by the author of hi sufferings from childhood toadulthood. In addition, he narrates his growth in the environs of thenarration starts when the author was four years old. At the age of 6,he had already started drinking, and he found himself growing flankedbetween the whites and blacks. The whites who either turned to beindifferent, or cruel and on the other side, the blacks who wereresented on every individual as they sought to rise above the commonlot.Despitethe hard experiences in life, one aspect the author had been thedesire to be a writer and he says his hunger was to become a writer.Despite his roots being in South America, he relocates to Chicago tofulfill his desire of becoming a writer (Bloom and Richard). The bookis an explanation of the authors account from innocence toexperience, which is marred by human suffering and injustice. TheBook is a narration of the author’s hunger or desire for a bettersociety right from his home. The issues of violence, racialdiscrimination, and the quest for equality were some of the drivingforces behind his journal to the explanation of the outside world insearch for recognition. The book has different themes, which entailsracial discrimination, violence among others. However, one of thestand-out themes in the book by Richard Wright is a hunger for abetter society. Not only the literal meaning of need for food, thecommunity suffered from other needs which were essential for theirsurvival. The book is written from other author’s point of view,narrating his account of life from child to the adult life throughthe youth stage.WorksCited

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