Business and Human Values Questions


Businessand Human Values Questions

Questionson Business and Human Values


Itis not naïve for business leaders to try becoming honest. As AlanGreenspan testified in his speech, a profoundly practical virtue ishaving a reputation of fair dealing. Trust is at the core of anymutual exchange in any economic system. In this mutual exchange, theparties rely on the word of one another to do business. If honestywas never employed in the business world, the exchange of goods andservices would not have transpired. If there was a huge flaw in thevirtue of trust in the human existence, the global and domesticeconomy would have sloughed to immobility (Greenspan, 1999).


Asnoted in psychoanalysis, there is constant conflict between the willand the other multitudes of the brain that include urges, desires,wishes or drives (Sam, 1974). There are strategies to successfullycontrol this conflict that is the core process of self-control. Thefirst process is letting the will take over by recognizing thehierarchy of needs. All needs have different urgencies or importance.Secondly, is arranging these needs appropriate to their level ofsatisfaction. Thirdly is to act according to their hierarchy andsatisfaction levels.


Myfamily has shown me a lot of support and love. The mere fact ofinvesting in my education is a testimony of their trust and believesin me. They have taught me values that always guide and assist me inmaking decisions. They have demonstrated the best way of living withfriends and even the benefits of tolerating ignorant ones. Livinghappy is also being able to embrace even those that make opinion ofeither of me or others without consideration. My family has alwaysstressed the need of being in respect to those that have offended meeither by doing me wrong or by words. My friends have illustratedthe value friendship through their unending support in my education.Though times may have been hard at times, they have made it easy forme to cope and strive to get the best. My personal quest is tocontinue keeping my friends and never grow tired of them.

Myteachers have continually shown the satisfaction gained by the virtueof honesty. A character that builds in reputable values is the bestsuccess there is. In respect to this, they have recently implied thatmy character needs discipline and improvement. This is an inevitable,normal human process of learning and improving to be in a positionthat is admirable in the future. They have shown and equallydemonstrated the need of deeper insight and understanding of allthings. That it is not enough getting and concluding the superficialunderstanding of a book. That digging deeper will enable me todiscover methodical and principled ways of life. They have shown theimportance of learning and discovering new things without the angerthat will ultimately lead to more knowledge without ostentation.

Itis exhilarating and surprising to learn about philosophy which I hadformerly ignored. I have come to learn that philosophy is not aparticular entity of knowledge or a favorite pastime, but rather itis a way of life. It is the daily exercise and practice in the deeperunderstanding to gain meaningful benefits. Philosophy is changing myvalues by seeking to improve and become an individual that istransformed into the society. It teaches on the virtue of patienceand careful deliberation of all important issues before making adetermination. I am indebted to my teachers immensely for theirteachings that I shall seek to continue to listen and learn andachieve that what is called honor.


Lincolnhad a habit of indulging in a moment of self-discovery. In so doing,it was apparent that he was able to gain his pose and he could have asense of self-reclamation. It was clear that he was afraid ofcommitting suicide, a thought that he was battling with for a longperiod of time. He therefore developed a habit of indulging in thecompany. He was afraid of being alone. He would therefore make surethat he had fun and was hilarious without constricting himself(Shenk, 2015). Lincoln worked diligently in an effort to improvehimself, employing discipline and self-understanding and developingstrategies of assistance as he knew that he could not make it on hisown. Because of the suffering that he had endured, he decided to acton his convictions and employed all his creative abilities even inthe face of adversity to fight slavery (Shenk, 2015)


Itis evident that this very fruitful humility that offered people animmense sense of satisfaction and enabled the country to succeedagainst that greatest peril. By granting black people dignity andindependence, everyone was able to attain happiness. That isconversely opposite to pleasure that slave traders were getting fromthat oppressive trade.


Judgesshould be keen to carefully scrutinize any briefs or motionssubmitted by attorneys. This is to detect whether the materials areplagiarizedor not. Plagiarism is a very serious offense that involves takingarticles or information, from an author who had worked hard todevelop and failing to credit their effort. The punishment that wasgiven to attorney Peter Cannon, were right. They will ensure that heemploys moral conduct in his profession as well as demonstrate toother intending offenders the importance of giving credit where it isdue.

Ina similar case involving attorney Lane, the punishment was moresevere because her practicing license was suspended for six months. Iagree with the court’s determination of this case because unlikethe former attorney Lane did not concede to have plagiarizedmaterial. In fact, she took a rather long time to respond and whenshe did, she refused to give the names of the authors. That is farmuch worse than conceding to that offense and giving the names of theauthors as attorney Cannon had done.


Therefore,I would advise my fellow students to give credit where it is due. Itis not everybody who is creative or bright enough to publish usefulor interesting materials. It is okay not to be any of those, ashonesty is the best virtue that surpasses all other human virtues.Human values that are admired are better satisfaction than materialwealth or successes.


TerrenceDes Pres thinks that the human moral sense is an evolutionarysurvival strategy. He has successfully talked about the basic humanmoral is to guide against chaos and dissolution. That human behaviorchanges automatically especially when hit with a prolonged and lifethreatening event. There is that common element of survival amongsteverybody involved. Hence people generally unite for the common goodin times of dire need to protect the common social basic need of lifeitself. In paragraph seven, he talks about the universal behavior ofthe inmates that they all found themselves helping each other withoutany calculation or reason. They all united in their time of need andthey knew to survive, they needed each other.


Agood life is defined as the life that continually seeks to improvethe quality of living through human values. As noted by Chairman Alanin his speech, although material success is possible, he explainsthat it is more satisfying when there is no exploitation. He furtherconcludes that the true measure of success is being able to be proud,even content in all one has accomplished without causing any hurt,injustice, or dishonesty (Greenspan, 1999). Employing the virtue ofhonesty automatically brings forth a good life.


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