Capstone Project Chapter 5

CapstoneProject Chapter 5

BostonChildren’s Hospital

BostonChildren’s Hospital

Thispaper explored major weaknesses in strategic planning function of theBoston Children’s Hospital. The research established a relationshipbetween a decline in the quality of care and the shortage ofpediatrics with a poor strategic plan. The study indicated that BCH’smaster plan focuses more on the expansion of infrastructure in orderto serve more clients, but fails to allocate sufficient researchfunds that would have helped it embrace evidence-based practices.Similarly, BCH serves a medical training center, while it continuesto experience the shortage of pediatrics and physicians, whichindicates a lack of a strategic plan to recruit and retain the bestof its graduates. Although Boston Children’s Hospital hasexperienced internal growth to an extent of being classified as thelargest children’s hospital in the U.S., a poor master plan willlimit the hospital’s capacity to exploit opportunities that areemerging in the health care industry and reduce its ability tocounter threats from its external environment.

Recommendations/Action plan


Action steps

Person(s) responsible

Time frame

Resources required


Develop and internship and recruitment program for the best performing graduates. Being a medical training institution, this recommendation will help BCH to retain its best graduates (Boston Children’s Hospital, 2015).

-Assess the average number of vacancies in different departments.

-Develop a plan for assessing the best performing medical trainees.

-Develop a plan for integration of selected graduates into the hospitals workforce.

-Department of human resource management

Dec 2015-June 2016

-Human resources



Compare the levels of staff shortage before and after the implementation of this recommendation.

Develop a comprehensive plan for sourcing research funds. Over the years, BCH has relied on its revenue, government allocation, and conventional grants to finance its research projects. This recommendation will expand the pool of research funds and help BCH embrace evidence-based practices (Travis Roy Foundation, 2014).

Determine the total amount of research funds required annually.

Research an all available sources of research funds. Possible sources to be explored include

-Fundraising events.

-Cooperative agreements with other research institutions.

-Contracts with federal agencies and commercial enterprises (Johns Hopkins, 2015).

Make all the necessary applications as per the budget deficit.

-Department of Research and Innovation.

Dec 2015-August 2016.

-Human resources.



-Internet connection

Compare the hospitals ability to finance all research projects before and after the implementation of this recommendation.

Develop a suitable shift and job rotation plan: BCH members of staff have been complaining for being required to work for the same department for long. A job rotation will increase their skills and ensure that they can be deployed to departments that are experiencing shortage. A staff shift plan that allow the most experienced and rare to find experts to work in different campuses will help BCH address the current shortage (McManus, Fox, Limb &amp Bell, 2006).

-Determine the shortage of staff in each department.

-Develop a staff rotation plan.

-Develop a staff shift plan.

Department of human resources

Dec 2015-Feb 2016

-Human resources


-Staff scheduling software

-Assess the boredom of employees before after implementation of the rotation plan.

-Determine the perceived shortage of highly trained medical experts in different campuses before after the implementation of the new scheduling plan.

Adopt standard encryption of all electronic systems. This will prevent data breach, which has tarnished the image of BCH (Ayush, 2010).

-Identify all at risk electronic systems.

-Source the most effective encryption program

-Encrypt the vulnerable systems

Department of IT

Dec 2015-Jan 2016

-Human resource

-Financial resources


-Encryption program

Assess the level of risk or vulnerability of electronic records before and after encryption

Shift from hierarchical to a flat leadership structure: A flat structure will help BCH integrate the opinions of health care providers in decision making and the master plan (Colette, 2014).

-Determine the mid-level departments and units that should be removed.

-Remove all unnecessary mid-level management positions

The board of directors

Dec 2015-Feb 2016

-Human resource

Determine the level of staff participation before and after fattening the leadership structure

Byimplementing the four recommendations (including the development of aviable recruitment plan, expanding methods of sourcing researchfunds, shift and staff rotation plans, flattening of the leadershipstructure, and standard encryption), BHC will be able to address itsinternal weaknesses, maximize its internal strengths, exploitavailable opportunities, and buffer itself from external threats.


BostonChildren’s Hospital is currently the largest children’s hospitalin the U.S. Its growth can be attributed to several factors, whichinclude the development of a master plan that has been guiding itsexpansion plan, the adoption of modern technology, and a team ofexperienced executives. However, the going concern of BCH might beaffected by its current weaknesses that include a master plan thatfails to integrate strategies for adoption of evidence basedpractices and regular recruitment of the best graduates to counterthe ongoing shortage of pediatricians and physicians. However, thecurrent study, which was accomplished through a qualitative study andreview of existing literature, shows that internal strengths exceedthe hospital’s internal weaknesses. This implies that there is ahigh probability that BCH will be able to take advantage of allopportunities within the health care environment by adopting therecommendations made in this paper. This will help the hospitalrebuild trust with its clients, deliver quality care, enhance itscompetitive advantage, and secure its going concern.


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