Career Development Resources


CareerDevelopment Resources

CareerDevelopment Resources

#1,a job placement resource, has several job placement services that areavailable in the site. The site provides job seekers with anopportunity to conduct a search for the jobs of their preference. Inaddition, the site has listed the most popular jobs that thoseseeking employment can apply. Some of the most popular jobs listed inthe site include dental assistant jobs, courier jobs, paralegal jobs,medical assistant jobs among others. The site has listed jobs invarious fields and this gives applications an opportunity to choosefrom a wide range of jobs available. Career counselors in this siteprovide some services to the job seekers. Some of the servicesprovided include tips on how to present oneself during an interview,how to write a resume and management of personal finances. The siterelates to National Career Development Guidelines since it preparesstudents for life after finishing college (Monster, 2015).


GCUCareer services provide the alumni, as well as the students of theUniversity, with the professional knowledge, as well as resourcesthat are essential for career success. The University providesplacement services such as student employment. For students toqualify for employment in the institution, they should have met therequirements of full-time enrollment in the University and have ahigh GPA. Before getting the job placements, the student ought toapply through the online platform and provide their resume. There arealso career connections provided by the job placement site. Studentshave the opportunity to bridge their careers while the alumni haveaccess to career services (Grand Canyon University, 2015). Careeradvisors provide some assistance to the students. For instance,students have unlimited access to tips on how to write effectiveresumes that will give them an opportunity to secure a job. Careeradvisors provide students with the necessary information on how towrite a presentable resume that will impress an employer. Theservices of this job resource are in line with the requirements ofthe National Career Development Guideline since it provides crucialresources that can enhance career development (Brown&amp Lent, 2013).


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