Career Planning



Ihave always desired to help people who are struggling with variousissues in life. I have also had regular interactions with such peopleand witnessed the many problems they experience, which end up pushingthem to their breaking point. Hence, they engage in certain behaviorssuch as indulgence in drug abuse and crime. However, such problemscan be resolved at an early stage, but it requires the expertise inhuman services. Thus, my strongest motivation to enter into humanservices field was the desire to help the underprivileged in thesociety. On the other hand, the human services career educationequips the learners with adequate social skills to understand othersin the society as well as help them recover from various problems.Consequently, I was interested in obtaining this knowledge because italigned with my interests of helping the disadvantaged in thesociety. Besides, acquiring the necessary education in human servicesis the only way I can handle life challenges intelligently andappropriately to attain maximum success in human services.

Moreover,I have participated in social work activities, which entailed helpingthe less fortunate in my society particularly those dealing withissues of drug abuse. The activity involved more than interactingwith the disadvantaged people and understanding their problems. Itrequired conducting thorough research on the factors that push peopleto indulge in certain behaviors such as crime and drugs abuse. Theexercise helped me gain valuable knowledge about the factors that canhelp such people such as an addict to recover and minimizepossibilities of relapse. Thus, my active involvement in thisactivity further motivated me to pursue a career in human services.Jobsin human services are categorized into two types: those that requirethe workers to deal directly with clients and those that entailproviding administrative support for human service agencies.Accordingly,I have an opportunity to choose a career in human services field thatbest suits my interests, experience, and skills. Although bothcategories are essential for human service organizations to runeffectively, my human service field of my choice is to work directlywith the clients and offer them my help. Luckily, there is variousjob title given to human service workers that deal with clientsdirectly, which further widens my opportunities.

Healthcare companies and government agencies are placing more value onprevention measures instead of treatment according to the informationprovided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Hence, humanservices employees are benefiting from increased funding in both thepublic and private sectors to help them handle various issues in thesociety. Additionally, it is also expanding the career opportunitiesin human services field. In 2014, the BLS projected that theemployment opportunities for social and human services professionalsare expected to grow by about 22 percent by 2022 (BLS, 2014).Long-term employment in these careers is excellent, especially foreducated applicants because employers prefer to recruit workers withdegrees in human services. Accordingto the BLS 2010 statistics, the human service workers are earninghigher wages, which highlights the significance of their services inimproving the society(BLS, 2014).For example, the statistic also shows the number of counselorsemployed in different specifications of counseling by the year 2010,which signifies more effort to expand the human services careeropportunities (BLS,2014).

Similarto any other profession, leadership skills are an integral part ofhuman services career. From the knowledge I have acquired througheducation and experience in human service activities, amwell-equipped with interpersonal skills that are very significantinto the human service careers. I have interacted with various peoplefrom the society and at school who offer a different outlook into thehuman service fields, which complements the academic knowledge.Besides, I have management, planning, and organizational skills,which I have acquired from educational and voluntary activities andexercises. Management skills are essential as they dictate how I willhandle clients as well human service organizations. Furthermore, Iwill fully utilize my management skills to oversee the progress ofclients and work performance of both the volunteers and professionalstaff. Through proper planning and organizational skills, I can workon special programs and research initiatives to improve servicedelivery, which will benefit the clients and the society. Apart fromthe leadership skill, my expertise on how to deal with drug andsubstance abuse will be of key advantage due to my involvement inresearch activities that entailed drugs addiction. Therefore, I amoptimistic that my skills will bring significant benefits whendelivering client-oriented human services.

Additionally,I possess several individual skills that make me a qualifiedapplicant in this career. I am an eloquent communicator, which willhelp in relating with people in both formal and informal settings.Hence, it will be an additional benefit because I understand thatoral communication skills are of significant contribution as a humanservice worker who has direct involvement with the clients. Myresearch skills are also essential in this career field because theyare useful when undertaking an outreach research on a social vicesuch as abuse of drugs. Furthermore, my excellent writing skills areof great importance.Many human services programs depend on the financial support ofgovernment agencies and at times private foundations (BLS, 2014).Tomaintain current levels of funding and expand service to new groupsof clients, human services professionals must be eloquent withperfect writing skills to assist those preparing elaborate fundingproposals and requests.

However,I have to address several personal weaknesses that might presentchallenges and hinder success in this career. First, I lack patience,which is an essential virtue in any field of human services career. Ahuman service worker dealing directly with the clients has to bepatient to learn about the client and come up with the best strategythrough which the client can benefit the most. Then again, at times Imiss small details when working because I focus mainly on theobjective and the bigger picture of whatever exercise am undertaking.The weakness will pose a challenge because I now understand that,when working with people especially those involved in substance anddrug abuse or experiencing personal problems, it is crucial to noticeevery detail, which helps in forming a basis through which one canhelp that individual. Nonetheless, I am addressing the weakness toachieve the intended goal of helping people in the society and have asuccessful career in human service. Finally, considering that I amvery focused and hardworking, I am optimistic that I will changelives of the clients for the better. Besides, my flexibility willhelp me handle my weaknesses, which I am always working to eliminate.Thus, I believe I am best qualified to work in human service field.


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