Carrying Handguns on Campus

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CarryingHandguns on Campus

Thedebates on the topic on whether college scholars should be permittedto have handguns on campuses has been one hot debate that has seenpeople divided over which opinion should stand. The United States lawhas had different challenges with reference to the control of gunuse, and in turn the debate on college students and possession ofguns has added salt to an insult to already a complicated issue.Different views have been given with reference to the topic leadingto a heated debate as to which is the right action to take.

Learninginstitutions are one of the public gathering places that as animportant role in our lives. They represent a dynamic learningenvironment where people with different levels of maturity andbackgrounds interact. No federal act controls handgun possession oncollege grounds. 26 states in the united states have adopted to banthe practice and 23 of the colleges leaves the decision to thecolleges to make the final call, most of which decide to be gun free.Only Utah allows the carrying of handguns on campus( However, the security situation incolleges has deteriorated considerably, leaving students vulnerable,and unable to defend themselves in the face of life-threateningoccurrences. Therefore, the right of responsible individuals topossess firearms should be recognized in school environments. Thisessay explains why carrying a handgun should be endorsed on collegegrounds, (why it’s the right the action).

Theacceptance of students to possess guns in schools would reduce crimein colleges. Statistically, delinquents are less likely to attack anarmed person. The issuing of concealed guns in states lessenskillings by 8.5%, rapes by 5%, serious assaults by7% and burglary by3%. States with restrictive laws on carrying concealed weapons have ahigher gun-related murder rate by 10% ( college students allowed to possess and carry allowed thehandguns to the colleges, there would be a mutual respect between anyindividuals. This is owing to the fact that, each of the students infear of being attacked. This in turns brings down the rate of crimesrelated to college learners.

Blanketprohibitions on carrying guns in campuses make students and staffhighly vulnerable to attacks. They cannot defend themselves in thecase of an attack, making them an easy target for criminals and otherpeople who want to hurt them. For example, in 2007, a disturbedstudent shot and killed 32 people in Virginia Tech campus (Horner).Permit to carry handguns in such a scenario would have prevented suchmass deaths since the victims would have defended themselves as wellas reducing the number of fatalities. Therefore, allowing theresponsible carrying of guns would make campuses safer for studentsand staff and prevent future mass shootings similar to the VirginiaTech campus (Horner).

Theconstitution in the second amendment accords gun rights to allresponsible individuals for self-defense (Horner). Students,teachers, and other staff visiting schools should have theprerogative to carry guns since they legally carry them in otherplaces as well. College campuses are not in any way different fromother locations where people live and work concerning self-defense( The constitution is the supreme law andshould not be applied partially in some places and neglected byothers. By permitting students to carry guns on campuses is,therefore, an extension towards the safeguarding of the people’sconstitutional rights to bear firearms. As a result, the secondamendment is not violated in such institutions.

Mostpeople found on campuses are law abiding citizens and responsibleenough not to misuse their firearms ( Withthe people being responsible, there are in turn a need or a right toarm themselves against their adversaries. Furthermore, gun permitsare given to adults after a proper background check has been donethus to reduce incidents incidences of inappropriate use. Besides,carrying a concealed handgun has no adverse impacts on the learningenvironment for students are not aware of the weapon. Instead, itpromotes a sense of well-being and security in schools which ensuresa healthy learning environment (Horner). As a result, learningcontinues as usual, leading to better learning outcomes.

Contraryto many claims, allowing the carrying of handguns in colleges wouldnot increase the number of deaths on campuses. Most people argueagainst carrying concealed weapons in colleges on the basis that itwould lead to an escalation in violent crime (Hedley and Waterhouse6). The Utah State law allows the carrying of handguns in itscolleges since 2006. However, since the legalization of carryingconcealed handguns in Utah, there has been no resultant increase ingun violence in the state. The claim that carrying guns in campuseswould increase the number of suicides is false as well.Statistically, 90% of suicides are committed at home( As a result, allowing the carrying ofhandguns on campuses would have little or no impact on the overallnumber of college suicides. One of the major weaknesses has been todirectly connect the gun with death. Psychologically, the possessionof handguns has led to the idea that, the students can arrive at asolution without force, and would in turn use the handguns only itmatters, and for their own safety.

Thedebate on banning weapons in colleges and universities to leavesecurity matters to trained professionals is not practical. Whenconfronted by danger, regardless of place, the police are bound totake some time before they arrive (, the time by the police could do less to prevent a violentcrime from happening. Besides, the Supreme Court has ruled for thepolice severally that they have no legal duty to keep citizens safe.However, having a gun can protect the people in campuses who cannotrely on police protection.

However,the possession and carrying of shotguns to the campuses has thepotential for a greater good, while at the same time poses apotential threat or bad move. This can in urn lead to the conclusionthis decision is a bit of a gamble. The support for the carrying ofguns shouldn’t ignore the fact that, this is also a potentialthreat to the security in a society.

Inconclusion, people are always faced with life-threatening situationsthat they need to protect themselves against if given the power. Allowing the carrying of a concealed gun in campuses givesindividuals the capacity to protect themselves from violence which isin line with their constitutional right granted by the secondamendment. Allowing people to carry handguns in school also promotesa sense of security which ensures a safe learning environment inaddition it also trains the sense of responsibility to the youngstudents. However, a thorough background check should be conductedbefore giving permits to carry handguns in colleges so as to preventmisuse and promote the overall safety in schools.

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