Change Analysis




Amazonv/s Alibaba

Amazonand Alibaba have become giants in books industry. The two firmsuphold e-commerce, and their marketplace have been continuallygrowing due to the increase in the number of customers. Mostindividuals prefer today’s system of purchasing whereby alltransaction are made online. Online buying and selling has dominatedthe market and therefore, those companies that is capable of adaptingto the modern technology have taken the advantage of the currentgeneration. Most customers nowadays prefer shopping and buying onlineas it is the most convenient way. Amazon has been recognized as thelargest online retailer in the world while Alibaba act as a middlemanbetween buyers and the sellers.

Changesin the two companies

Allthe organizations operate in a dynamic environment and therefore, thefirms are expected to be flexible enough so as to adopt thenecessarily required state. Most successful organization in today’smarket are those that have strategies to implement effectively changein their operations. Amazon and Alibaba have undergone throughvarious changes in their operations. The main objective of suchchanges is to enable the firms to meet the needs of their customer.The rapidly changing technological environment has increased theattempt of the firms to launch their manifestation of thetechnological changes (Kogan, 2012).

Change Image

Basis of Image

Application to Company #1

Application to Company #2

Pressures for Change

Differs from others how?

Unintended consequences from Image


Based on image of management of the change for the successful results

Directors of Amazon offers guidelines to the employees

Directors set policies and procedures to be followed by the employees

Increase pay strategic pressure

Creation of new market

The change may be resisted by the employees


Controls the management action to achieve the intended outcome. They also support the theories of change

Involves consultants

employees` involvement

Strategic pressure

Improved creativity

Resistance to change


Ensures that the change is within the scope of the organization

Control the internal change

Control the Internal change

Increase pay strategic pressure

Effective change

Lowers morale of the employees


Set values, skills and drills to achieve desired outcome

Training seminars and field work

Employees training

No pressure

High performance

Time consuming


Creates sense of various organizational actions and events.

Setting deadlines

Setting deadline

More efficiency

Increased customer satisfaction

Fear of unknown

Comparisonof Amazon to Alibaba

Themain activities discovered through this analysis of change that ofsearch, transactions and delivery. Even though the companies are inthe some industry dealing with the same product and services, theirimage change and the mode of transacting was found to be different.

Therate at which the two company are implementing change is differing.It is obvious that organizational environment differs from on firm tothe other and therefore, must be the images for change. Despite thefact that Amazon and Alibaba are in the same industry, the firms aregoverned by different management structure and therefore, the processand the images of change will vary across the companies. Forinstance, Amazon has been found to involve intensively consultantsbefore implementation of change while on the other hand, execution ofchange at Alibaba solely rely on the internal management (Yuoderian,2014).

However,some similarities were observed in the change analysis of the twocompanies, and the firms have commonly intended outcome of the changethat is to increase the market share. Both firms are striving toensure customer satisfaction and enhance value creation to theircustomers. The firms are also aiming at utilizing the moderntechnology and explore in the field of e-commerce (Yuoderian, 2014).

Applicationof the images of change

Thedirectors of the firms are much concerned with providing guidelinesto the employees in the management of change for successful results.The director provides policies and procedures to be followed forsuccessful implementation of change. The navigator has a role incontrolling the management over the implementation of change andensure that the change will help in attaining the desired intendedoutcomes. Each firm also has a coach who ensures that employees areequipped with the necessary skills and know-how of implementing thechange. For example, Amazon has got some training sessions that helpsthe worker in obtaining the required skills to work in a newenvironment. The coach also has a role in ensuring that the change iswithin the scope of the firm. We can therefore, conclude thatsuccessful implementation of change is much important to theorganization, and effective change helps the firms in improving theproductivity their employees. However, it was noted that firms arefaced with the consequences of the unintended state whereby employeestend to oppose the suggested change in the organization. It is therole of the management to ensure they develop a self-motivated teamso as to avoid employees’ resistance to change.


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