Tobe able to answer critically this question well, it is important weremind ourselves what represents. In the ian religion, represents redeemer, the savior of the world. First, we haveto analyze what is the symbolism of knocking at the door andtelling you that you have the key to open the door. My understandingthough not limited to challenge or improvement is that intendsto say me, either to let Him in my life or reveals to me thatthe power has always been within me to act.

Applicationin our everyday lives

Inour day to day lives, we are faced with challenges. As humans, weaspire to be loved to love, to succeed and be happy. It is notwithout cost that we achieve the factors mentioned above. We striveto achieve them on our own. If spoke to me, in a situationlike this, I would take it that is encouraging me, that allthis can be achieved with him if I let His power work in me or that Ihave the power in me to accomplish all these things that I am afraidto do. For instance If told me that I have the keys to go tocollege, he would mean that I have all the means to go to college andjust go for it without fear. Secondly if I prayed and asked for help and told me the same thing, He would mean that I amthe one who has the power to let Him in me so that he can help me.


Thephrase &quotyou have the keys, open the door&quot has two meaningaccording to me about ianity. That is, is telling you tolet Him in, or you have the power in you to achieve all you want aslong as is what stands for. The phrase is closely related toMathew 7:7 knock, and it shall be opened. In a simplified way itmeans you are the one who has not acted.


Mathew,7:7 Bible King James Edition