Citizen science project

Citizenscience project


Citizenscience refers to the scientific research carried out by amateurscientists. It entails data collection and analysis through the useof technology. The natural phenomena are then tested and disseminatedon a vocational basis (Silvertown467).Therefore public participation covers the monitoring and actionresearching.

Impactof citizen science in Los Angeles

Thelocal citizen science project on birds at CSU Los Angeles willaddress the diverse and dynamic city that accommodates both peopleand wildlife. People will have a better understanding of the varyingissues necessary in facilitating a quality relationship with birds(Brossard, Lewenstein &amp Bonney 1099). The research carried out will determine the manner in which peopleand the birds’ population can engage in a mutual living process.Therefore the urban environment will be addressed adequately for abetter use of the available space. The citizen sciences’ impact isbetter consideration of all the available wildlife.

Qualityof data gathered

Thedata gathered is of sufficient quality because the nonprofessionalscientists are the citizens of the city. Their engagement is oneguided by the right motivation in facilitating a quality living urbanenvironment. The scientists therefore engage in a quality process ofunderstanding all the related attributes of a better environment(Silvertown469).This makes the data valuable in addressing all the related issues inmaking a city valuable to the different living creatures.

Benefitof the engagement

Thebirds in Los Angeles are a common feature that requires adequateunderstanding in facilitating the necessary considerations as part ofthe community. The parrots and squirrels are unnoticed. This makesthem not get the right description by scientists for a carefulattention within Los Angeles (Brossard, Lewenstein &amp Bonney1100). My eyes were opened through an understanding of the varyingfactors in making birds feel appreciated within the city. I also gotto know the kind of fruits that birds feed on.


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