Clinical Systems


Clinicaldecision support (CDS) is a system within the health care departmentthat aims to provide patients, clinician’s, staff and otherpersonnel’s with precise information at appropriate times so as toimprove health and health care services (Greenspan, Müller &ampMahmood, 2013). In this kind of system information technology (IT) isinvolved which assists a great deal in improving the quality ofhealth care. Critical information on patients going through healthcare is able to be stored in an appropriate ad effective manner.

Clinicaldecision support carries out several processes which have become ofgreat assistance to clinicians in decision making. This system hasbeen programmed to take up some routine task, give warnings toclinicians of a possible predicament that may occur. CDS is of majorbenefit to clinicians in main areas like providing preventive care tothe patient. When a patient is diagnosed CDS enables identify theproblem, which stage it is and implements the treatment possible(Greenspan, Müller, &amp Mahmood, 2013). Through this system, costof treatment is reduced and improves patient’s convenience in thehealth care system.

Akey technical and management challenge that makes this systemavailable is the requirement of precise diagnosis on specificdiseases which a doctor may not be able to diagnose (Greenspan,Müller, &amp Mahmood, 2013). With professional skills of using theelectronic devices provided efficient results will be obtained.

Asa result of the approval of the use of this system, it has been madecompulsory that all who study to be clinicians be educated on theskills of using the electronic devices so as to ensure that theresults obtained are the exact ones (Greenspan, Müller, &ampMahmood, 2013). This has been emphasized on so as to avoid incorrectresults obtained from the devices which might have been operated byan individual who has no qualifications in operating them in thefirst place.


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