CNN Heroes



ArthurBloom has been indicated as one of the CNN heroes because of thecommendable work he has been doing. Arthur Bloom, who is a graduatefrom the Yale School of Music, started a nonprofit program in 2007with an aim of helping wounded soldiers to recover (Calhoun, 2014).The program that Arthur Bloom runs is known as MusiCorps. Thisprogram provides wounded soldiers with training on how to playinstruments as well as write and record music. The program alsooffers custom instruments for those wounded soldiers whose injuriesneed them. Arthur Bloom believes that music has the impact ofreducing anxiety and can aid an injured brain heal, which formed hisbasis for coming up with the program (Calhoun, 2014). In this case,music has been considered medicine for the mind.

Throughcoming up with the program, Arthur Bloom has touched the lives ofmany wounded soldiers. This can be considered as an enormousassistance because the wounded soldiers have been given theassistance that they require most that is, the ability to have quickrecovery. Because of the assistance that Bloom has offered to thewounded soldiers through his program, he can be seen as a hero in abig way.

Theassistance that Arthur Bloom has offered the wounded soldiers hasmade an impact in society. Through the MusiCorps program, ArthurBloom has made it possible for wounded soldiers to have a quickrecovery. This is a critical aspect in society because it has reducedthe agony that wounded soldiers could have faced during their healingprocess. The program has also enabled the families of the woundedsoldiers not to undergo through stressful lives due to prolongedhealing time of their members.


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