Code of Ethics

Codeof Ethics

Acode of ethics is a set of declarations that provide means by whichmembers or a group of professionals should behave or act in anorganization or company. Generally, they are a guideline by which thecompany’s employees as well as employers should undertake theirduties in a cordial manner. A typical code of ethics entail theguiding principles, definitions as well as core values among others.In this paper, a typical code of ethics will be provided. It is alsoappropriate to outline how it will be implemented and itsfunctionality. Certain values target particular employees. Therefore,the paper will elaborate the values and the targeted employees.

Evaluationis the general determination or rather judgment of a matter’smerit, significance, worth utilizing a criteria governed by set rulesor principles. In this case it will involve assessment of theorganization. It will entail the stakeholders, ethical performance,mechanisms of monitoring ethics, and strategic ethical formulationamong others. The company to be assessed is known as Ultimate Motors.


Ultimatemotors is a company associated with products and services entailingthe motor industry. Having been on this business for a while, it hassubstantial number of employees under different departments. Thecompany’s structure is as shown below



ompany’s structure

Vice President Chevrolet division

Vice President Cadillac division

Head of sales department Pontiac division

Head of sales department Chevrolet division

Vice President Trucks

Vice President Pontiac division

Head of sales department Cadillac division

Head of sales department Trucks division

Head of Inspection

Field team Trucks

Field team Cadillac

Field team Pontiac

Field team Chevrolet

Thecompany being a prominent one in the motor industry, ought to havesubstantial means of ensuring quality. The presidents is concernedwith the overall image of the company. The vice presidents manage thedifferent kinds of vehicles, whereas the inspection docket ensuresthe vehicles are up to the required standards.

Inthat respect, this paper will try to elaborate code ethics necessaryin the success of Ultimate motor. It will give the core values,training and education, purpose of each code as well as the affectedparties. Provision of a clear evaluation of ultimate motors is also amajor undertaking.

TheUltimate Motors code of Ethics

Purposeof the ethics code

Theethics code defines clearly the minimum requirement in terms ofbehavior, productivity among other values of each employee within theUltimate Motors. The standards must be demonstrated by each and everyemployee as well as employer to ensure smooth running of the company.They will serve to assist in making tough decisions as well as takingactions.

Thecompany’s ethics code entail the following core values

  1. Personal responsibility

  2. Compliance with the law

  3. Relation with the customers and general public

  4. Eluding conflicts of interest

  5. Conduct in monetary matters

  6. Confidentiality

  7. Quality of products and services

  8. Work environment

Inthat respect the firm has to

  1. Practice effective obedience and ethics oversight

  2. Communicate as well as educate the employees on the ethics programs

  3. Monitor and audit effectiveness of ethics programs

  4. Practice diligence to curb giving authority to unethical personalities

  5. Guarantee consistent enforcement and disciplinary action against violators of the same.

  6. Respond imminently to cases and ensure prevention of the same

  1. Personal responsibility

  1. General rules

Allthe employees of Ultimate Motors must agree to personalresponsibility so as to comply with the ethics code. In particular,Ultimate Motors employees must:

  • Undertake duties with diligence, professionalism, integrity, honesty, impartiality and care

  • Strive to achieve the highest ethical standards so as to sustain the confidence and trust of the customers and not just minimum requirements to meet the legal procedures

  • Take time to go through the code of ethics and consequences of non-compliance

  • Not hold any financial interests which conflict with meticulous undertaking of duty

  • Treat colleagues as well as customers with courtesy and professionalism

  • Not use the company’s profile for personal gain

  • Conserve and protect the company’s property

  • Disclose fraud, corruption, waste and abuse to the appropriate authorities

  • Satisfy their duties as citizens especially taxes, that are within the law

  • Behave in a responsible manner that reflects both Ultimate Motors and its employees

  1. Compliance with the law

  1. Criminal Offences

AllUltimate Motors employees must be law abiding. Any employeecommitting offences such as fraud, drug trafficking, bribery,unlawful exportation and importation of goods, theft of vehicle spareparts, will be liable to punitive action and/or related penaltiesapplied due to the criminal proceedings

AllUltimate Motors workers must notify senior management whenever theyare subject to criminal or probable criminal proceedings. Seniormanagement must then decide whether to retain employee on usual duty,relocated to an alternative duty or suspended, upon receipt ofinformation

UltimateMotors employees should not utilize their positions or relationsestablished while on duty improperly to interfere or influence anaction being considered by external law enforcers or internalinvestigations

  1. Complaints against Ultimate Motors and its employees

Itis vital for customers to have complete confidence and trust inUltimate Motors as well as its employees. To achieve this, customercomplaints against Ultimate Motors e.g. concerning quality ofvehicles and/or any individual worker should be promptly andobjectively investigated.

  1. Internally instigated allegations

Ifemployees in Ultimate Motors believe instructions from the supervisorare somehow illegal, unethical, and improper or a breach in theethics code, in the line of duty, then they should report to adesignated individual or the investigative unit. In such cases,workers should be afforded necessary protection. Therefore,information exchange techniques must be free from any unnecessaryinfluence.

Theinvestigative unit should take the appropriate steps to carefullyinvestigate such claims. In cases where top management is involved,an external body should be referred to perform the investigation. Noone in connection with the incident should be part of theinvestigation unit.

Anyinconsistent behavior against the code of ethics must be consideredunacceptable and addressed immediately. This would ensuredisciplinary measures are applied in due time.

  1. Relations with the customers

Customersexpect clean dealings with the Ultimate Motors. The dealings ought tobe of high integrity, professional, honest and courteous. All theemployees must ensure they maintain high levels of impartiality,honesty as well as conduct to guarantee better performance.

UltimateMotors employees should not engage in discriminatory activities basedon nationality, religion, sexual orientation, disability, race amongother discriminatory activities.

  1. Eluding conflicts of interest

  1. Personal interaction with individuals who do business with Ultimate Motors

Conflictof interest can arise due to official dealings or in decision makingwith respect to persons who maybe sharing private interests. In caseof conflicting interest, employees ought to inform the designatedofficials to ensure performing duties does not put them in an unfairsituation

  1. Shareholding

Ultimatemotors workers may invest in the shareholdings. Employees may howevernot contribute in an official capacity.

  1. Conduct in monetary matters

  1. General rules

Ultimatemotors employees must adhere to all rules pertaining finances andtaxes entailed in laws.

  1. Private financial dealings

Privatefinancial dealings among Ultimate motors employees are notencouraged. Additionally, dealings between supervisors and thesubordinates are sternly prohibited. This includes taking loans andwhere the staff member is a guarantor.

Anyworker who enters into deliberate private deals with colleagues, dothe same at their own risk.

  1. Confidentiality

Allthe ultimate motors employees must not disclose any non-publicinformation obtained in line of duty. Official information includesall information acquired due to employment that has not been madepublic. Misuse of official may include but not limited to

  • Giving official information to an individual who does not have the legal requirements to acquire such information

  • Using the information for private gain

  • Taking advantage of an individual due to the information gained in the confidential records.

Anyindividual/s engaging in any of the acts mentioned above will sufferthe consequences.

  1. Quality of products and services

Itis mandatory for all products and services from Ultimate Motors to beof high standards.

  1. Inspection of products

UltimateMotors must ensure the products are well inspected before releaseinto the market. Any attempt to jump the steps involved in productionwill be accompanied by severe consequences. The head of inspectionhas the ultimate say on matters pertaining quality.

  1. Employee education and training

Qualityof service is entailed in employees’ training and education. Theemployees must be trained on how to perform their tasks effectively.Education being a key aspect must be encouraged across all thedepartments. Ultimate Motors will provide consistent training tocarte for customer care, proper manufacturing of vehicles to ensureproductivity levels are high.

  1. Customer say

Whenevera product id tested in the market, for instance a new vehicle, thecustomer’s comments will be given priority. Customer reactions mustbe included when reviewing the products and services. Any employeewhether superior or not attempting to discriminate, bribe, threatenor any other unlawful act against a customer must face disciplinaryaction.

Anycomplaint raised pertaining quality of service, quality of product oragainst the company should be thoroughly investigated either by aninternal or external body. If during investigation any department isfound to have not fully complied with the company’s principles,then appropriate action should be undertaken

  1. Work environment


Allemployees are entitled to a safe and healthy working environment,which is free of harassment and discrimination, and personal as wellas organizational goals can be met. A habitable working environmentis

  • Equitable and fair

  • Safe and supportive

  • Free of drugs and alcohol

  • Culturally diverse

  • Supportive of staff



Stakeholderswill be involved in the implementation process. They must participatein all the cycles of the company for effective communication andattainment of set objectives. Stakeholders will participate inconducting product tests.

Thecodes of ethic will also be inclusive of all stakeholders beingaffected by the same. By implementing them,

Strategicethical formulation

Thestrategic ethical formulation will follow the steps below

  1. Setting goals and objectives

Theseare long term goals that include making Ultimate Motors a worldwideenterprise respected by all individuals. When hiring personnel, theethics code will be outlined to ensure nurturing of the same at earlystages and hence ensure continuous practice.

  1. Evaluating the company’s environment

Itis essential to determine the general industrial and economicenvironment, which Ultimate Motors operates. Reviewing the company’scompetitive position as well as the qualitative and quantitativeanalysis of the products is also an important undertaking. Byutilizing the formulated codes of ethics, strengths and weaknesses ofthe Ultimate Motors will be realized and worked on to keep up withthe competitors.

  1. Setting Quantitative Targets

Itentails fixing practically achievable targets. Ultimate Motors istargeting to be a world-class company producing a considerable numberof vehicles and the spare parts involved worldwide. It is also theaim of the company to open up many branches across the globe to widenthe scope of operation.

  1. Performance analysis

Establishingthe gap between the desired performances is a major undertaking. Pastand future conditions are established and effected in the code ofethics for continuous improvements [ CITATION MSG15 l 1033 ].

Strategicethical implementation

Ethicalimplementation represents a challenging task. The implementationprocess begins with the senior management agreeing to the ethiccodes. The president of Ultimate Motors along with the company headswill agree to the codes and then each departmental head will betasked to instill the same across his/her department.

Theemployees must then concur with the code ethics provided and ensurethey understand each and every part well. During recruitments, thecodes will be availed for new recruits to use. For the strategicethical codes to be successfully implemented then

  • The business itself should be ethical

  • The laws and regulations must be adhered to

  • Values articulated as the main constituent of the strategy

  • Principles will be emphasized more than rules

  • Transparency encouraged

  • Formulation of solving ethical issues

  • Rewards based on the appropriate metrics

  • Ethics training provided


Anoversight committee consisting of each departments head and teamleaders across the several departments will be in charge ofmonitoring the implemented techniques. Though monitoring generallyinvolves all the company’s employees, some values or rather ethicalissues need to be monitored by the heads. The company ensuresconsistent meetings of this committee to evaluate progress.

CCTVis another aspect used to monitor the company’s employees. It is anorm among many individuals to be late at work as well as lay idleduring working time. The cameras monitors the company’s employeesas well as employers to ensure sustainable productivity.

Thehead of inspection is also mandated to conduct tests on the productsdeveloped before they reach the customers. The standards of vehiclesmanufactured must be high to ensure safety. The head of inspectionconfirms whether the products and services have attained the requiredstandards and hence ensure the codes governing product quality areattained [ CITATION Dar12 l 1033 ].


Performancecan be determined through customer response. Additionally, responsefrom employees and employer’s sentiments can be used to generateperformance ratings. Ultimate Motors (U.M), affords its employeesappropriate channels to voice their opinions.

Themore the sales the better the products and services given. With thecompany attaining considerable profits as well as growth, it meansthe vehicles are of appropriate standards. Therefore, the valuesrelating to quality are well adhered to. The overall overseer ofproduct quality is the head of inspection. Recommendations from thesame ought to be followed carefully.

Whenemployees are allowed to voice their transgressions in case there areany, then the codes relating to employee and employer relation areadhered to. Any instance of employer discrimination illustrates afailed value or principle within the code. The company should also bewell equipped to handle whistleblowers. For instance, if a particulardepartment head or any other employee gives a vital opinionconcerning vehicles quality and the same is not counterchecked,he/she can whistle-blow the issue. It is a common norm across manyorganizations where sometimes profits are prioritized rather thancustomers’ safety. Any employee discriminated due towhistle-blowing a just issue, replicates a failure in the adherenceto values of the firm.


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