Colossians 1


A concept can be viewed as an understanding of an aspect throughreading, observation or from occurrences. Reading Colossians chapterone has shed some light on the various concepts of such as theenvironment, God, health and nursing. The concepts are not presentedin the exact way that people in the world of today view them (Gorday&amp Oden, 2013). The concept of God has been presented as the onewho created heaven and earth and as the Supreme Being. God has beenpresented as the giver of all things such as salvation, faithfulnessand health. God is presented as the father to all the people and thesource of all the good things. On the concept of environment, Paulwas categorical in his letter that God created all that we see andwhat we do not see such as air. This is what the environmentcomprises (Gorday &amp Oden, 2013). The heaves and the earthaccording to Paul are the environment. The person is presented as thepartaker of God’s goodness and faithfulness. Although the person issaid to be born in a world full of sin, the faithfulness and thewisdom of God enabled him to be strong, empowered and healthy.

On the concept of health, the letter by Paul clearly indicates thatthere is both the physical and the spiritual health. It is clear thatthe spiritual health is more important than the physical health(Gorday &amp Oden, 2013). The chapter asserts that people shouldconcentrate more on the spiritual health than the physical health. Itis right according to the letter by Paul to have physical sufferingfor the sake of the spiritual health (Gorday &amp Oden, 2013). Thisis the same case that Jesus went through when he physically sufferedfor the sake of the Christians. On nursing, the letter asserts thathealthcare givers should provide care with compassion and love. Itshould be their duty to take of their patients.

The concepts above can be compared with the contemporary definitionof these aspects. However, it is worth noting that there are a numberof differences that can be found. The concept of health in Colossiansfocuses more on the spiritual health as opposed to the physicalhealth. This is different from what health is known to mean in acontemporary world. This is the same case with the concept of nursingwhere in Colossians it is viewed as a calling or a duty done out ofcompassion and love. This cannot be compared with the contemporarymeaning where nursing is considered as a profession. However, theconcepts of God and the environment can be compared with the commonmeaning.

The environment, as commonly known is the scenery on earth and alsothe air. This is the same definition of the concept found inColossians chapter 1. The concept of God can also be compared withthe contemporary meaning where he is considered as the creator of theworld and the father to all good things. The concept of personaccording to the chapter can be considered with the common meaningwhere a person is considered as a creation of God. The aspect thatthe person receives salvation and freedom God contradicts from theworldly view where people are considered as acquiring freedom fromthe rights enshrined in the respective country constitutions.


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