Compare the Pardoners Tale with A corrupt person

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Comparethe Pardoners Tale with A corrupt person

APardoner in Chaucer’s “The Pardoners Tale” acknowledges hishypocritical and greedy nature despite narrating a moral tale showingthe consequence of greed being death. Today Robert Menendez, a UnitedStates Senator, is an example of greedy individuals in the society.The paper seeks to analyze the proud, greedy, hypocritical, andselfish nature of the Senator and the Pardoner by comparing theirapproaches to the matter.

ThePardoner and Senator, betray the trust of the public due tocorruption. The Pardoner openly shows his corrupt ways even afternarrating the three rioters’ story by telling his congregation, “Myholy pardon frees you….that is with silver brooches, sterling orrings” (Chaucer 300-303). Conversely, the Senator portrays hiscorrupt nature by acquiring gifts in return for financial andpersonal favors for his friend Salomon Melgen.

Subsequently,both the Senator and the Pardoner exercise pride. The Senator failsto admit his transgressions despite some compelling evidence, and thePardoner refuses to forgive the host out of his initiative.

TheSenator and the Pardoner are greedy individuals. The Pardoner’srole is to present given relics to those in need, but he pocketedthem out of his love for money. Similarly, the Senator acceptedpleasurable gifts in return for offering favors to his friend.

Lastly,the two characters portray hypocrisy but in different manners.Despite knowing his transgressions, the Senator still claims hisinnocence by saying he carried out, “Best policies for the peopleof New Jersey” (Voreacos, Wilber, &amp Hunter 1). Conversely, thePardoner is hypocritical in that he preaches against greed butpractices it nonetheless.

Insummary greedy, corrupt, hypocritical, and proud individuals existthroughout history although they manifest these traits in differentforms.


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