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Conflict management has become a critical issue in many organizationsacross the globe. This is owing to the fact that, in an organizationscomplains are part of daily occurrence, thus there is the need tosolve them amicably once they occur. With this in mind, it is therole of the managers and human resource manager to ensure that theemployees work in a favorable environment, as failure to provide aconducive environment for the workers implies that the output of theorganization will be affected. When the employees feel part andparcel of the organization, their morale is increased, thus raisingtheir output both in the short and long-term. It is important forthe human resource manager to ensure that there is gender balance inthe workplace so that employees can work depending on the level ofinterpersonal relationship that exists among them. Differences amongthe employees are common challenges in the organizations but shouldnot hinder the fulfillment of the organization goals. Incompatibleinterest among the employees is one source of conflict and if it isnot solved it can lower the employee morale in the organization(Janie 2015, p.1). Teamwork in the organization should be encouragedsince it leads to creativity and innovation among the employees. Whenemployees work as a group, there is a high possibility of conflictamong them, and thus the human resource manager should encourage themto work harmoniously. The paper seeks to analyze Ann case study andidentify the source of conflict in Portico international.Additionally, it will recommend how the conflict can be resolved.

Ann being the only woman working at Portico International as atechnician works a alongside seven men. Being a hardworking woman inthe manufacturing industry in a male dominated company has lead tovarious challenges. For instance, in the case study Ann iscomplaining that she has been isolated in the team, and the membersdo not involve her in the conversation. The workmates are usingderogatory words about women. This is uncomfortable to Ann, and theyunderrate her based on the fact that she is a woman. The workmatesaccuse Ann that she is overly sensitive since they are aware of thelanguage they have been using. The situation is uncomfortable to Ann,and it is demoralizing her efforts towards the company. The issueshave been pressing her and under normal circumstances it will lowerthe employee morale. The possible reason for the source of conflictin the Portico International is interpersonal conflict. Interpersonalconflict among the employees is as a result of politics in theorganization, gossip, language and personal interests of individuals.For instance, in this case study, the conflict is based on thelanguage used by the team members and underrating one competence. Theinterpersonal conflict among Ann and the workmates have lead to theclash that has demoralized her. This indicates that Ann is notmotivated in the company. To ensure that Ann is motivated themanagement should ensure that she is given time in decision making sothat she can feel that she is part of the organization. Being theonly female employee in the organization should be appreciated informof rewards so that the spirit of working in such an environment isboosted (Miranda 2015, p.1).

Ann being isolated from her team and the workmates not involving herin conversations that would lead to the realization of theorganization goals implies that there is a gender conflict. This isbased on the fact that Ann is the only woman working in theorganization. The interpersonal conflict makes Ann think that theyare discriminating her just because she is the only woman in theorganization. It is important for the employees to ascertain thatthey involve each and every person in decision making so that theycan feel part and parcel of the organization. Gossip and use ofderogatory comments towards individuals in the organization should beshunned based on the fact that it will lead to interpersonal conflictamong the employees (Janie 2015, p.1).

Other relevant factors in the workplace conflict that can beassociated with the above scenario are the power conflict. Forinstance, Ann is complaining that her workmates do not involve her inimportant conversations in Portico International. She is notconsidered in decision making, and this implies that the relationshipbetween her and the workmates is quite challenging. Ann feels thatshe has what it takes for the attainment of the goals, but theworkmates do not consult her in the conversations. In this case, Annwants to maintain her influence in decision making so that therelationship between her and the workmates can result in achievementof the organization goals. The second factor in the workplaceconflict that can be associated with Ann case scenario isorganizational conflict. For example, Ann has complained about theissues to the team manager but the manager is inexperience and doesnot have the interpersonal know how to deal with such cases ofresolving conflict in the organization. Instead of coming up with thesolution the manager tells Ann not to take things seriously based onthe fact that it is the culture of the team. The team manager is aman, and thus when they are not associating her in the conversationsand duties distribution, it implies that they are undermining her.The difference that exists between Ann and the workmates is a resultof one being treated as not part of the company creating pressure inthe organization. Additionally, the team manager is unable to resolvethe conflict that indicates that tension will be heightened due tothe power difference between Ann and the workmates.

The third factor in the workplace conflict that can be associatedwith Ann case study is value conflict. Value conflict is associatedwith preferences and practices that individual believes on, forinstance, religion, cultural practices and ethics. In this casestudy, the team manager indicates that Ann should not take thingsseriously based on the fact that it is the culture of theorganization to ridicule women and not to consult them in decisionmaking. It is a backward concept that is used by PorticoInternational since women are competent, and they can make thedecision regarding even in the managerial positions. Value conflictin the organization leads to poor performance in the organizationsince the employees are not motivated by such factors rather they aredemoralized. It is the role of the management to ensure thatemployees are motivated by making sure that they are given incentivesinforms of rewards even if it is inform of material rather thancapital rewards.

The conflict scenario can be solved by making sure that genderbalance in the Portico International is maintained. This is likely tochange the male-dominated culture and the interpersonal relationshipbetween men and women is likely to be strengthened. It is imperativethat when employees work harmoniously without considering genderdifferences the organization mission and vision will be attained. Thenegativity towards women in the workplace in the 21st century hasbeen eliminated due to women enrolling to management institutionsthat help them make logical decisions regarding the companies.Creativity and innovation have also been associated with both men andwomen in the organization when they work in teamwork. The second wayto solve the conflict scenario is to ensure that Ann is given equalopportunity just like other male counterparts. This is because Annhas been complaining that she not given work that is challenging. Annshould be given the opportunity to justify that she is competent as atechnician, and she seems she want to justify it beyond reasonabledoubts.

I recommend the employees raise their grievances to the humanresource and the team manager so that the issues can be settled. Dueto the uncomfortable situation that Ann is experiencing the teammanager and the human resource should ensure that the differencesthat are experienced are dealt with accordingly. For instance, theissue of derogatory comments towards the women should be dealt in afair way. Additionally, failure to communicate with other memberssince they are of the opposite sex will hinder the attainment of thegoals, and thus transparency and fairness should be used to solve theissue. The issue should be dealt with in the meeting where theemployees together with their representative should be engaged(Miranda 2015, p.1). The rules and procedures of the organizationshould be written in the company constitution so that if anindividual violates the rules he or she can be referred to thecertain section.

I recommend the employer to investigate the issues when they areraised to him or her so that the matter will not get out of his orher hands. When the issues are investigated it is important for theemployer to inform the employees the problems discovered, and theyshould be given the chance to talk about the issue before anydecision is made. In this case, Ann has a great chance to notify thehuman resource that she had reported the matter to the team manager,but he failed to act accordingly. As a manager, he was not supposedto tell Ann not to take the matter seriously rather he had themandate to question the male workers. For the sake of theorganization, the team manager should ensure that the culturalpractices that cause negative implication towards the organizationare eliminated. For example, the culture values that encourage theuse of derogatory comments towards women and women not being involvedin decision making should be eliminated in the organization.

I recommend the use of mediation and negotiation when the issues arebeing settled. For instance, Ann and his workmates should beaccompanied with an officer from the labor union so that fairness andtransparency are achieved. The labor union representative helps tomediate for both sides so that they can come with a solution withoutnecessary being harsh to the other side. If the officers from thelabor union are willing to carry investigations, it can play asignificant role in ensuring that justices is granted in atransparency and fair manner. If the team that is dealing with thedisciplinary case concludes that there is a case that can be answeredby the workmates, they should be notified inform of writing. Theindividuals involved should be aware of the venue, and they shouldappear in person at the meeting.

I recommend the disciplinary committee to make sure that they havediscussed the issues in that meeting. The warning should be given tothose employees who violate the rules set by the organization. If theemployee continues with the same behavior action should be takenthough he or she should be given the opportunity of appealing. Forinstance in our case study if the men do not provide favorableworking environment to Ann they should face action either by beingsuspended or any other disciplinary action. I recommend for equalopportunity for both men and women in the organization. Respectshould be a win-win scenario in the organization so that women willfeel like part of the organization. Failure to respect each other inPortico international implies that the employees will heighten thelevel of conflict and thus they will not work as a team to attain thegoals. Creativity and innovation in the organization can only beattained if the employees have a common objective towards theorganization, and this is the reason conflict should be dealt withaccordingly. Conflict separates individuals, and they cannot shareany vital information that is beneficial to the organization.


For the attainment of the goals, the employees should work in teams.Good relationships should exist between individuals so that theindividuals can consult each other. Respect among the employees playsa significant role since the employees work harmoniously. Theinterpersonal relationship among the employees helps individuals torespect individuals in the organization. The interpersonal conflictin the organization should be resolved to ensure that the employeeswork in a favorable environment. Conflict in the organization hindersdevelopment. It is important for the top management to ensure thatgender conflict, interpersonal, organizational value conflict issolved using the outlined strategy so that goals can be attainedwithin the set timeframe. Both men and women have advanced in thelevel of education and thus they should be given equal opportunity inthe organization. Women in the workplace are recognized inadministration position, and they have the competence to handle therole just like men. Gender conflict should be shunned in theorganization so that individuals can engage on creativity andinnovation. Gender balance should be encouraged so that employees canshare ideas and be creative so that the organization can becompetitive in an open market economy. When resolving issues in theorganization individual should be given time to air their grievancesand negotiation and mediation should take place.

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