Controlling Noise Proble In Hotels

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ControllingNoise Proble In Hotels

Eventhough it’s a problem that isn’t discussed in detail, noise hasbecome a menace among hotels with managers having to devise differentmethods to curb the problem. One of the manager’s duties is toensure that the clients/customers have the best of services withlittle or no complaint. Hotel managers have had different measures tocurb the noise problem, with the measure taking into account themagnitude of the problem, type of hotel or the type of noise. This isan essay analyzing how to curb the noise problem in a hotel.


Withreference to solving the noise problem, as a manager I would not waitfor a second complaint in order to react. As a hotel manager, I wouldact as soon as the problem is raised by the customer. This wouldenable in identifying what type of noise is it, methods on how tosolve it, with immediate effect. The point is to ensure thecomplaining customer is offered a working solution as soon aspossible. With reference to what I would do as a manager, the type,source and magnitude of the noise would be an ideal help towardsdevising the ideal solution to the problem. The actions to solve theproblem will be determined by whether the origin of the noise iswithin the hotel or from an outside source. Some of the measuresinclude the use of noise includes the use of sound proof in the hotelrooms, masking or canceling the noise (suppressing of the noise atthe source), or even taking legislative measures.


Whenthe complaint is raised in the morning as the client is checking out,the best action I would take is to take the complaint. As themanager, I would establish a customer feedback desk or anotherplatform. This would enable in receiving all the complaints from theclients, and act on them later. I would also ensure the customer isassured of a positive response the next time he/she visit the hotelagain. The customer details about the noise would be key in enablingto fix the noise problem.