Christianity andJudaism were the major religion that had ideological differences inGerman. The Nazi regime hated the Jewish with passion. There was aconflict between the Jewish and the ruling government. Col. HansLanda in the movie starts it by comparing the Jews with a rat. Col.Hans Lands argue that whenever a rat will pass by when eating onecannot treat it as a saucer of the delicious meal rather one willkill it. The paper clarifies and gives a detailed description of Col.Hans Landa in the movie “Inglourious Basterds”.

Gliband superficial charm

Hans Landa in therestaurant scene shows a person who is fluent when communicating, buthe is insincere with what he is saying. For instance, when they aretalking with Emmanuelle where they are talking about the cinema showshe is not sincere since he wants to get certain informationconcerning Emmanuelle family. He seems like he uses superficial charmsince Emmanuelle gives him all the information concerning the cinema.

Poorbehavioral controls

In the Italian scenecol. Landa when dinning with other laughs hysterically to the lady bythe name Fraulein who tells him that her leg was injured whenclimbing the mountain. When he sees that the lady is upset, he goesand asks for the forgiveness. This indicates that he is insincerewhen dealing with others. Since Fraulein is upset, he goes and triesto counsel her where he says that was just teasing her.

Needfor stimulation

Landa is a personwho needs thrilling stimulation. For instance, in the restaurantscene when talking to Emmanuelle he takes a cigar and givesEmmanuelle one so that they can enjoy together. Additionally, in theItalian scene Landa is holding a glass of wine that is meant to makehim feel entertained and amused. When talking to Perrier LaPadite heasks “may I smoke my pipe” indicating that he is feelsentertained when stimulated by the cigarette.

Cunningand manipulativeness

Landa can bedepicted as a cunning individual. For instance, when they areexchanging ideas with LaPadite he concludes that Jewish are rats thatcan be squeezed and they are characterized as a beast. He gives anexample where a German soldier will search a house where they suspectthat a Jewish could be hiding there. It is an illustration that he iscunning ready to fight or even kill as long as he is fighting orkilling Jewish (Haslam 16). In the restaurant scene when they aretalking with Emmanuelle he depicts a person who is manipulative sincehe leaves the lady crying when she comes to her senses that sherevealed the information that was not supposed to be revealed.


Col. Hans Landa is acriminal by nature. In the first scene, he removes his gun and shootsanyhow. Besides that, he removes a gun to shoot a woman who isrunning from his presence and thinks to shoot her in the long range.Additionally, in the pub scene there is a confrontation between himand other two men when they are drinking liquor (Kuba 51). Shootingoccurs in the pub killing many people. Landa is merciless in thefight for example he does not care whether he is shooting a man or awoman in that pub which is portraying criminal act.


When dealing withothers it is important for one to be sincere to others. For instance,Landa is depicted as a person who is insincere though he is veryfluent in communication. Drug addiction is the next vice that isshown in the movie where the people are fighting after drinking andenjoy themselves. Criminal activity should be shunned so that peoplecan live in unity and peace. The ideological differences between theJewish and Nazi regime dominates in the movie.

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