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Are college students todaymore or less effective communicators than college students were inthe past?

Communicationin the recent past has been experiencing tremendous developments dueto the current advancements in technology. Communication is theprocess of passing information from one person to another.Communication may also entail individual spreading information to agroup of other individuals. For communication to be effective theremust be the speaker and the listeners who receive the informationfrom the speaker. Both the speaker and the listener should be havinga common language because if they don’t have a common language thenthe listener will not understand each other.

Communicationis the solution to the Homo sapiens’ problems since timeimmemorial. Human beings use common languages between their fellowsso that they can communicate the issues that concern their lives.Communication has enabled people to share information amongst them sothat they can make their coexistence in the society smooth. Withoutcommunication systems, living together would be a hard nut to crack(Slawson, 29-52).

Communicationhas been a source of success in the today’s activities’performance. However, it has been noted that there is an enigmaticchange in the effectiveness of communication in the variousinstitutes of education. The effectiveness of communication haschanged in the colleges due to the improvements made in technologyand also the environments students are living. In the modern days,college students are more effective communicators than students werein the past. The below essay clearly explains what has contributed tothe current college students being effective communicators than otherstudents in the past.

Thepast has rarely provided quality things and communication cannot beexcluded out of that list. Previously, students in the past collegescould only access few sources of information that rarely emphasizedon the expectations of students as speakers. Students mostlycapitalized on passing their exams and getting white classy jobs inthe country. In the current society, students are so keen ineffective communication that they spend most of their time practicinghow to communicate in public. Eloquence is greatly considered in therecent times since people are targeting careers which demand suchqualities. Students want to be good communicators because they canbecome politicians, musicians and preachers.

Effectivecommunication is the backbone of the today’s relationships betweenpeople in the society. It is a hard task for people who do notcommunicate effectively to get space among their peers. Therefore,students in colleges will have to speak and express themselvesexcellently in their social groups so that they win favors they maybe seeking. In the past, students were not interest in makinginvestments in music and also other businesses which requirecharisma. In the modern days, students are exposed to plenty ofsystems which promote their thinking and also doing things. Theinteractions between students and the electronic devices liketelevisions, radios and mobile phones too have fostered positivity incommunication. Students are eager to be like the people who they hearor see speaking in the devices. The past students could not accessthese current devices hence they were least informed and could notget the best punch lines to make them communication effective.

Thetopic of the essay is on the comparison between the past collegestudents and the modern day college student on whom was the bestcommunicator. In my opinion, the past college students reallyexperienced hard time when communicating effectively although theydidn’t maybe realize it. The past students did not find challengersof their eloquence since there existed none. The students could learnhow to communicate in college but could not have anyone to set astheir benchmark so they were on their own. They could not find outthat their communication faults.

Globalizationhas done it! It is absolutely the major cause of improvements made incommunication in the world. In the present day colleges, students areequipped with a large number of sources of information that demandstudents’ engagement. Due to globalization, students can now accessinformation from schools in different parts of the world. Thestudents can compare their levels of performance with those of othersand rate themselves in terms of communication effectiveness. Due tothis aspect, students will always work to be the best in terms ofcommunication than their peers in different parts of the globe. Ifthe students were not let to know about others’ developments thenthey would have stayed at the same low levels of naivety.

Thetopic on comparison on who are effective communicators between thestudents in the past colleges and present day colleges has just beendiscussed in time. There have been questions on who have beenoutstanding as effective communicators between the past and presentcollege students. My research shows that modern students have beenbetter effective communicators in forums where they participate thanthe past college students did. My research was on a few samples ofrecordings from the past students speeches and the current.Therefore, presenting the topic now will stimulate more questioningby the public leading to more researches conduction.

Thistopic on the comparison of the effective communicators is verycontroversial. Basically, every person has to make a final decisionregarding his or her research. Following my research on the issue, Ihave concluded that, present day college students are effectivecommunicators than the past college students. However, otherresearchers may have different opinions concerning the topic. Forinstance, they have argued out that the previous college students arethe founders and mentors of the current students. This controversyhas made some sense when screened critically. The past collegestudents used to communicate effectively and that’s why the currentuse books which were authored by the past students. On the flip sidethough, the present day college student are exposed to more than justpast old students’ books. They have the internet and other sourceswhich have been facilitated by the advancements made in technology.

Thecontrast arising in the topic may be solved if a thorough research isconducted in various parts of the world so that the doubt can becleared. Nevertheless, it is hard to change the fact that present daystudents in college are the most effective communicators despite thecontroversy. Therefore, the present day college students are not atpar with the past college students as far as communicationeffectiveness is concerned (Li,221-241).

Myresearch plan has targeted acquiring information concerning theeffective communicators in the current and past college students. Toget the required information, I administered questionnaires to thestudents in various colleges in the country and also overseas. Thequestionnaires provided information about the students’ feelingabout communication effectiveness in colleges. In addition toquestionnaires, I have interviewed students from different collegesdirectly and also through the telephones. I have also organizedforums with students where debates have been held. During thedebates, I could analyze the student’s category as far as incommunicating effectively. Students have been performing so well aseffective communicators from my own observation.

Ihave viewed clips which were recorded about the past collegestudents. I have gone through their written articles which are keptin different bookstores in the world too so that I can rate them. Theold people in the village who exist also provided very importantinformation about the topic after I interviewed them(Shokri-Ghadikolaei,419-450).

Theinternet provided so much information concerning this topic since itis rich in all sorts of information. I have trust that I can findmore information about the research question from the internet. Thereis always readily available information online which has beenrecorded by various earlier researchers and posted in the academicwebsites. In my research the keywords that I will be using include“past college students”, “effective communicators,” “presentcollege students” and “effect of technology on effectivecommunication”.


In conclusion, modern day collegestudents are the best communicator as compared to the past collegestudents. From the research, modern students have more advantagesover the past students in college due to the advancements made intechnology recently and the exposure. Therefore, basing my argumenton the results I obtained from the research I conducted, I can firmlystate that the modern day college students are effectivecommunicators than past students.


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