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Annaand the King: A Cultural Analysis


Thehistorical context revealed by the above words is that twoterritories have a long history of not trusting the other one. Theylive with constant fear of each other about each other. No one wasreally sure that either good could come with either side. They chooseto assume the worst of each and that’s we see from the above phrasethat even though the king admits Anna to be intelligent he is notsure any good will come from that.


Annafirst of all does not believe in the concept of one man marrying manywives. This to her is very unbearable and believes that only onewoman has the ability to satisfy one man. Anna does not also like theculture of force marriages where a woman has no power to choose herown husband. She believes in the power of freedom that allows one tolove whoever she wants, but Siamese culture does not believe in this.Anna also finds it very hard to accept the culture of slavery, wherepeople can pay some money to own people. Anna is a strong believer offreedom and human right and she does understand why some peopleshould be above others.


Oneof the tensions created by Anna’s westernization is the tensionbetween the cultures of men marrying many wives. Annan, at the end ofthe film even convinces the king that indeed only on a woman canplease a man. Anna even comes to the rescue of the woman who the kingwants to marry forcefully. Another tension created is the tensionAnna advocates for freedom of slaves. We see Anna fighting for awoman who was enslaved against her right to a point that she evenquotes their laws. Lastly, there is the tension of women standingagainst their husbands. Anna advocates for women to have equalfreedom and be allowed to choose on their own, something the habitatscannot agree with.


Therewas a high importance to teach literature and English in the loyalclassroom so that Anna can get her revenge on the king. Once theroyal residents were empowered, then Anna could easily execute herrevenge plan.


Yes,it was very accurate for Anna to be referred to as the imperialistEnglish teacher, this is so because Anna was using her knowledge toget into many peoples` hearts and winning them over thus in a waycolonizing them into her world.


Thefirst example is the case where they believed that a man has to marrymore than one wife. Cleary I do not agree with this it is not realand accurate. The second example is the case where the westernersbelieved that they can take anyone as slaves when they so choose.This is against human rights and disrespect for human lives. Theother example is the case of reincarnation, where the king believedthat once one of his children has died, then they can be reborn.


Clearysuch comments coming from Anna to the king would be treated as aninsult. The reason for this is that in the king’s hearts he feelsthat Anna is interrupting with almost every action he takes. Anna isalways there to find mistakes in the king’s action thus questioninghis authority.


KingMongkut believes that the outside world sees him as a great enemy whohas the potential power to destroy them any time. With this remark heis trying to instill confidence in himself and also his soldier notto despair but fight alongside him. Something they later dosuccessfully.


Annano longer believes in the stamen “the way of the English is theways of the world” simply because he has stayed with king Mongkutand his fellow people and has come to realize that there is somethinggood about them too. Not all the things they do is bad they somethingthat one can learn from these people too inwards she wishes tocombine the two cultures and come with something impressive.


KingChulalongkorn of Siam was accredited with abolishing slavery. He alsoreformed the judiciary system in the county. Moreover, hesuccessfully managed to maintain Siam’s independence.


Idon’t agree with banning of the film in Thailand at all. The film,first of all, narrates the history of the Thailand history, and thegenerated reading will learn a lot from understanding where theircountry came from. Just that a woman was involved in changing manythings in the country does not mean that the film has to be banned.For me, the film preserves the history of the people of Thailand.