Cover letter


HumanResource Manager,

ManpowerAlliance Corp,



RobinsonsEquitable Tower,

ADBAve, Pasig, Metro Manila,

Phone:+ 63 2 984 6077


Re:K-9 Dog Handler Job Application

Iwas pleased to see your job advert for the vacancy of a K-9 DogHandler on October 2015. The advert was made in the,which is an online job site. I wish to express my sincere interest inthe job.

Thenature of my diploma education prepared me for this job position. Myeducational background has equipped me with the necessary skills thatare needed to train dogs, use them to perform intelligent search(such as searching for missing persons hidden objects, and tracingculprits), and caring for the dogs.

Inaddition, I have been privileged to work as an intern with severalorganizations. These internship opportunities allowed me to learnseveral relevant skills, including the use of trained dogs to guardconstruction sites, guarding strategic buildings, offering securityservices at different events, and protecting strategicinfrastructure. With these skills, I feel that I am an all roundeddog handler, apart from being an experienced security expert.

Iconsider myself to be a conscious and hardworking person, who paysattention to all details that pertain to a given job. Moreover, Iunderstand that the expectations of different organizations maydiffer. To this end, I am flexible and ready to pick up new skillsand learn from other people. My exemplary teamwork skills allow me tofocus on the success of the department or the entire organization,instead of over-emphasizing on individual performance. Please findthe enclosed resume for more information about my qualification.

Iam confident that I can offer you the dog handling skills that youare looking for. Please feel free to contact me at 555-554-5544 orsend me an email at [email protected]&ltmailto:[email protected]&gt. I am willing to come for aninterview at your convenient time. I am looking forward to hearingfrom you.


Keyboardshortcuts and word functionalities

Someof the shortcuts I used when writing this paper include CTRL + ESC toopen the start menu, SHIFT + DELETE to delete some items, CTRL + Z toundo mistakes, CTRL + U to underline the cover letter’s title, CTRL+ I to italicize the publishers of articles included on the referencepage, CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to open the Windows Task Manager, CTRL+A toSelect all the items in a given window, and BACKSPACE to switch tothe parent folder (Microsoft, 2015).


Althoughthere are many font styles and sizes that one can select from, aformal document (such as a cover letter) should be formatted using astyle and font size that will appeal to the targeted audience. Thestyle should enhance the legibility of the content, make it flow asintended, and deliver the message in the best way possible. In thecase of the above cover letter, the font size (12) and the font style(Time New Romance) were selected because they made the documentappear more presentable and legible. In addition, these two features(font style and font size) are recommended in nearly all academicpaper, which game me a perception that they could also be appropriatefor a formal document. The headings were selected depending on thetype of content that was expected to follow. A combination of thekeyboard shortcuts and functionalities made typing and editing easierand faster.


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