Creating Self-Image and Avoiding Society Pressure



CreatingSelf-Image and Avoiding Society Pressure


CreatingSelf-Image and Avoiding Society Pressure

Today,we are living in a toxic society that everyone tries to live to theexpectations of other and the society as a whole. The culture ourchildren are growing is influenced a lot by external factors,especially from the media. People are no longer themselves, and theyeven go a step forward, straining themselves in the process so as tomeet other peoples` expectations. This indeed is very worrying and awrong trend altogether. Something needs to be done. There is a highneed of people who no matter what happens around them, they stillremain true to themselves and doing what is right. Many youngindividuals, especially our ladies are not aware that they have thepower to act for themselves and those who are aware lack the propermotivation to be true to them. The discussion on this topic seeks toillustrate that people havethe power to try and alter themselves to think on their own, ratherthan allowing society to portray them in a certain way.

Oneof the main factors contributing to young people submitting to whatthe society wants is the availability of wrong peers (Taylor&amp Andersen, 2007).Peer pressure can be considered to be the main reason as to why wesee people almost doing crazy things all in the name of pleasingtheir fellow friends. According to Durham(2009),peer groups are composed of a group of individuals who goes throughthe same things in life. Peer sometimes can influence one to do goodthings, but often times this is not the case. Most time peer pressureinfluences one to do things they would normally have not done ontheir own.

Sothe question asked is how a person can be able to live with peerpressure and still be true to them. The situation is even made worsewith the availability of media. Our girls today and also young adultsare so much influenced by the western culture that they just want todo exactly what their idols are doing (Taylor &amp Andersen, 2007).This makes young teenagers to go out of their ways and do crazystuff. The worst part of it all is that they think that they arecool.

Inorder to be true to ourselves, one need to avoid his/her peer groupif you can. After this start surround yourself with people who bringsthe best in you. If one cannot avoid the peer group completely, thenone needs to be prepared on always to counter peer influence(Taylor &amp Andersen, 2007).Always be prepared with the right answer when confronted with them todo what they want. Also, you can be tricked by pretending to be withthem but avoiding them without them knowing. This is asking a lot,but it always pays in the end.

Againwith this age of technology and media everywhere one ought to becareful as you might not be aware if the thoughts you are thinking iseven your own in the first place. We may really want to think alwaysfor ourselves, but it is also true that most of us are born intosocieties that are already established. How do we even know that theculture we have found has not been already influenced? In suchsituations we cannot do a lot, but rather accept what is in place(Taylor &amp Andersen, 2007).This is not a crime, but the worst thing would be for us to acceptanything that comes our way blindly from the society or our peers.Your ideas do not need to be original and always factual. Butwhatever you choose must be something that is well thought of andcarefully analyzed. It entails you being in a position to compromiseyour facts just that you can fit in a particular situation. It givesyou the power to make your own decisions in the best way possible.

Today,the media uses all marketing strategies to sue young adults to acceptcertain kinds of dressing code, type of music to listen as to fit inthe present society. This has had a lot of impact on many who nowfeels that if they don’t dress in a certain way. If people dodifferently from their friends, then they fear they would not fitwith their fellow peers, and we’ll be considered old-fashioned(Durham,2009).In such kind of situations we need to develop a strong sense of self,this means that at all times no matter what happens around us, weknow who we are and what we need in life(Taylor &amp Andersen, 2007).

Thesociety is in a position to shut out media influences of how weshould dress in order to fit in. Before accepting anything, we needalso to take our time and research on its pros and cons. Questionsare being raised about whether there other better alternatives thanthe one you are being forced to accept. This leads to concern aboutwho will harm or benefit in the end. After doing this then peoplewill be in a good position to independently decide on what is bestfor themselves.

Individualswho are known to be thinkers of their own self are known to be peoplewho know how to identify biases. With the issue of presenting ladiesin media platform with a lot of exaggerations and stereotype is onlymeant to influence people. One needs to be in a position to know thatwhat is happening round, he is only meant to influence them we needto take our time and judge on everything that is happening around uswith the right information. Remember, information is power and oncewe have the right information it will be very difficult for us toaccept to be influenced easily (Durham,2009).

Beingable to think on our own also means that we need to be strong andstick by what we believe without fear or guilt. It is up for us tohave the required courage to stick with what we strongly believe in.Accepting anything that comes from the public is demeaning our ownselves. We can blame the media all we want for spoiling our littlegirls, but it is the girls who are not exposed to the rightinformation, hence ends up accepting what the media are telling them(Jacobson, Terry &ampUrla, 1995).

Topromote self-image and avoid the pressure from the society, peopleshould be taught from childhood. There is absolutely nothing we cando with the media as it will always continue to be there, but thereare a lot of things that the society can do for our little girls(Bolin&amp Granskog, 2003).Parents are called upon to give their daughters the right resourcesand information that will make them think on their own and be in aposition to make good choices in life amid the media culture.

Manypeople, especially girls are getting influenced due to their naïvequest for beauty, and the media is taking advantage of these. But inorder for young girls to avoid the media and start thinking of them,they need to understand that true beauty comes from within (Durham,2009).Physical attraction and beauty is only but temporal and will come tofade away. What is the importance of chasing physical beauty for acouple of years and then come later on to realize that it was thewrong fight? Thinking of one self-entails not accepting anything themedia is presenting but believing in what you know is true.


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