Cull-Doll Business Plan



Cull-DollBusiness Plan

Cull-CanBusiness Plan

Creativityand recycling are the main aspects that inspired and drove thisentrepreneurial project. Creativity was applied to the concept ofrecycling to give a concept of making creative products from cans andtins. The products will adopt the brand name Cull-Can.The advantages of recycling can never be underestimated, especiallyin today’s world. Empty water bottles can be converted into manyuseful things and none can run out of ideas about them. Water bottlescan indeed be converted into all new products that can have value toindividuals and also the whole community as well. We have seen manyuses of empty water bottles, but that is just the beginning of whatthey can really be converted to.

Theproject will deal with creating product value from empty cans andtins. These bottles would have otherwise been gone into wasted andnot put into any useful function. By converting the otherwise uselessproducts, the project will be creating value as the end products willbe very useful to human beings. This decorates products will be usedby anyone who values, substantial values of products and thoseindividuals who value recycled products. The product is not intendedfor only one set of customers, but the whole community as a whole.The project derives motivation, in that many people tend to disregardthe potential of recycling simple things in their dustbin. We aresetting out to show that indeed the simple products in people’sdustbin can otherwise be converted into very useful products.

Today,there are many other companies and individuals in the business ofrecycling cans and tins to the extent of making huge profits. It isworth noting that the competition poses as a challenge to businesses,but then again healthy competition is good for business (Oromiehie&amp Mamizadeh, 2004).We will also try to keep in mind that before we really make a pointto the community, we really must prove ourselves and the product aswell. With discipline and dedication, we can indeed show the worldthat our product is worth a try. It is in our ambition that after sixmonths of hitting the market, we should at least attract thoseconsumers that value recycled products. We also intend to reach intothe community and show them the value of recyclable product made fromcans and tins that they deem to have no value.

Conceptand history behind the project

Theproject was motivated by a situation in Haiti. In Haiti, a companycalled Threadiscreating value from the waste bottles thrown out by collecting themand turning them into the fabric (Tierney,2014).The after math fabric were later o used to make different types ofshoes, bags and other related products. The company converted theacute problems of discarded plastic bottles into useful products thatwill benefit the whole community as well as eliminating the acuteproblem of poorly deposited plastic bottles. Keeping this in mind, wealso decided to be unique and come with a new product that willuniquely help them community by converting the empty cans and tinsinto useful products. We came with the idea, believing that adecorative product will appeal to many people as it will offer acheaper alternative to many individuals thus help them save money forother uses.


Theproduct will not only be helping in the conservation of theenvironment, but with also be providing a unique and cheaper productinto the market. Today, there is an acute problem of cans and tinsbeing discarded everywhere and I careless manner. There is no properway of disposing cans, tins and plastic bottles from the generalpublic without finding their use. Taking plastic bottles as anexample, almost 50 million of them are thrown away in the USA aloneon a daily basis (Barrow,Barrow &amp Brown, 2008).These bottles are also not recycled at the end. This indeed poses asa huge problem if nothing is done about it. Our mission is to reducethe problem by recycling cans and tins.

Theproduct will see to it that all cans and tins are collected, washedand something useful made out of them. The only way to see that ourstreets are not merged with the careless disposal of bottles, theonly way is to ensure that all empty cans and tins are converted intouseful products that will benefit the whole community. With thisproduct, it is our belief that many people will appreciate theinitiative and the product as well and acquire them in plenty. Webelieve that many people today are more aware of environmentalconversation and that they are ready to do their part to see thisreality. It is also worth appreciating that are also otherinitiatives being done to deal with the problem of empty bottlesbeing discarded anyhow. This project only adds on the initiative ofdealing with the acute problem and not as a solution to the problem.


Eventhough the initial target market of the product is the localcommunity, it is our belief that in future many people will recognizeour efforts and start purchasing our product. We also target otherbig companies buying our products and using them to market them.First of all, as far as the market segment is concerned, we willfirst sell the product to our friends and family and have them marketour products to their friends. Selling products to social market offamily and friends helps small businesses reach more people than theconventional market would because of getting referrals (Talaulikar&amp Arulkumaran, 2011).We shall also create an internet website where we will be using theplatform to reach online shoppers and hope that they will find ourproduct to be unique. In the future, marketing will be targetingtourist who visits our country and sell the product to them and alsomotivate them to practice the practice back in their places oforigin.


Firstof all, our product introduces in the market a very cheap and uniqueproduct where customers can easily identify with and find them to bevery resourceful. It is our expectation that our fellow friends willbe our biggest customers. As such, we will be providing them withdiscounts and other incentives from time to time. According toPehrsson(2008), entering the market requires such strategies that will befavorable to customers who buy the product for the first time. Weshall also switch to use of the social media to market our products.Here, we will come with not only a website for our product, but alsoa blog, Facebook, and twitter accounts. We shall try and make theplatforms to be as active as possible and be able to reach many ofthe young potential customers. We also expect our peer friends to bemarketing us and getting us as many referrals as possible.


Inorder to reach the product to the end-consumer, we will use thechannel of the producer-consumer channel. Since it is a new productin the market, it will be crucial for us to explain the usefulness ofthe product to the consumer directly. Thus, we will avoid the use ofagents and other products. Selling the product directly to theconsumer so, allows us to ask for referrals and winning theconfidence of the consumer. This will serve a great deal I amensuring that we retain most of the customers as well as attractingother new customers.


Akey element of operation would mostly be emphasized on quality. Wewill strive to provide our customers with top quality products thatthey would appreciate and keep asking for me. Even though our productwill be extracted from the debris that others had considered to beuseless. We will strive to produce products that are eye-catching andat the same time top quality products.

Anotherelement of business operation that would be applied is the aspect ofcost control. Here, we will try as much as possible to be makingproducts with as little cost as possible. Later on, sell the productsat affordable prices. According to Grundy(2003), this will ensurethat the profit generated makes sense and will support the businessoperations. The key activities will mainly be the collection of theempty cans and tins which we ourselves will be doing as well asmaking products and later on selling them to the end consumers. Allthese activities will be done from within and as a team.

Peopleand partners

Themembers of my team are generally my fellow classmates. The task to becarried requires no particular skills so each and everyone isqualified for the job. The only missing factor or where need toimprove is the aspect of selling products. But this will not come asa problem at all as with time we will have cropped up with thechallenge.


Sincethe product will come as a new product in the market, we will sell itat the lowest price possible so as to attract any of the potentialcustomers. The making of the product will cost us a little amount onour side, and as such, selling it at the lowest price possible willensure that we are still able to make some profit.

Theproduct also requires that we just collect the empty cans and tins,refurbish them and work on them to make the product. This requires nocoast at all but calls on our skills to make something that is uniqueand of high value.

Useof funds

Insuch a case where we receive money to enhance our project, the moneywill be used to have people I various cities and towns collect theempty bottles for us. We will also hire a vehicle that will behelping us with the transportation of those bottles from the point ofcollection to our main store where we will be making the products.The money will be used to pay for the individuals we will hire tocollect the tins as well as the hiring of the vehicle. We will alsorequire to hiring a big room that will act as a store as well as ourmain office. As such, the money will be used in paying the rent andcatering of the normal utility bills such as electricity and water.


Indeed,as seen above the product will play a critical role in helping thecommunity I the environmental conservation as well as having somemonetary value to us. The product will also go a long way in helpingto deal with the improper discarding of empty cans and tins andensure that the menace is at least solved for the time being. Theproduct introduces a new aspect in the market that is very creativeand innovative in nature.


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