Death and Dying A Reflection


My first experience with death was when I saw avictim of hit-and- run lying on the road. I was driving alone on acountry road when I encountered the horror. My heart almost skipped abeat as I stepped on the emergency brakes. My body felt cold. Isuddenly developed goose bumps. His lifeless body lay across the roadin a fashion that no car could pass without having to crush it. Hewas a middle- aged man, maybe going back to his family. The bag ofgroceries he was carrying home lay haphazardly on the other side ofthe road. His blood painted the whole scene red- just like in themovies.

After the incident, I then realized how lifecould be so short. Probably, the man had bid his family goodbyebefore leaving to pick up groceries. May be he was not on good termswith his spouse and did not get the chance to mend things. A streamof unending questions ran through my mind as I waited for the policeto arrive.

The experience got me thinking about my life. Ibegan to question my real purpose on this earth. I kept wonderingwhat would happen if I had an untimely demise like the man’s. Thatis when I realized that I needed to accomplish some things on thisearth before my departure. Number one on the list is to be at peacewith Allah. It is important for one to shape their future here onearth and in the afterlife (Bloom&amp Hobby, 2009). That is onlypossible by establishing a good relationship with one’s God.

It is also important to be at peace with myfellow human beings here on earth before I depart. When I saw thevictim’s body lying on the ground, I figured, maybe he never hadtime for his family because he spent the whole day working. Maybe hehad not seen his parents in 10 years. I do not wish to be apologizingto people on my deathbed while I should be preparing to meet myMaker. That is why it is important to make peace with fellow humansbefore it is too late. Feelings of bitterness only serve to weighdown the heart of an individual (Morris, 2012).

Before I die, I would like to leave a clearlegacy on this earth. I would not want people to lie about my legacywhen eulogizing in my funeral. To avoid this, I will achieve realresults that people will be proud of. According Bloomand Hobby (2009), people try tofind something nice to say about the dead when eulogizing. My firstlegacy would be to become an accomplished researcher and academician.I want to discover stuff. I also want to help people. Immediatelyafter the accident, I realized that I had not been doing enough tohelp those in need. Since then I started to perform little acts ofcharity. It became my mission to help as much people as I possiblycan. That too will form part of the legacy I want to leave on thisearth.

In conclusion, death is a devastatingexperience. I remember having nightmares for three consecutivenights. I developed a phobia towards walking on the road. I recallstaying in the house for a whole week. However, the experience actedas an eye- opener and I am somehow thankful for it. It made mequestion the existence of human beings. I believe that people werecreated to live, procreate and die. However, on mystery of death, Ibegan to seek answers, some of which I have not figured to date.


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