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The1980Jeep Cherokee advertisementin the Vintage Magazine publicizes the desirable features of theJeep. The dominant visual element in the image is the color. Thecolor red is depicted all over the primary object of attraction tothe Jeep Cherokee (Vintage, 1980). The image also uses a contrastbetween the Jeep, background, and the writings on the advert. Thewhite background color choice is significant because it is reflectiveof the snow, which the reader would be observing as the backdrop of areal road in Buffalo, New York. The black text and white colorsurrounding the Jeep helps to separate the written information fromthe rest of the picture to ensure that the reader does not get lostas he or she attempts to view and understand the image in itsentirety. The red Jeep and white background also draws attention tothe driver of the Jeep who seems protected from natural elements suchas snow, which adds to the value of the image (Vintage, 1980).

Furthermore,the image also uses the line element to compliment other visuals andfocus the attention on some parts of the picture. The slantedhorizontal black line underscores the name, Jeep Cherokee (Vintage,1980). There are parallel lines beneath the Jeep to give the imagestability and strength while at the same time presenting the ad as avery simple composition (Vintage, 1980)

Additionally,the image uses the lines, color, and shading to imply a thick textureon the surface underneath the Jeep. The texture gives an impressionof a rough surface, which shows that the Jeep can move along any roadwhen snowing thus, pulling up all feelings that the reader mayassociate with the journey the man inside the Jeep is taking(Vintage, 1980).

Atthis point, the shapes used in the image come into play. The imageuses a combination of squares and circles, to emphasize the desirablefeatures of the Jeep such as durability and dependability, which addseven more value to the ad (Vintage, 1980). Consequently, the imagemixes different visual elements of shape, color, line, texture, andvalue to attract the reader and create a lasting impression.



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