Discussion Peer Response


DiscussionPeer Response

DiscussionPeer Response

Istrongly agree with your argument that we should view our clients ina holistic manner. I believe that viewing clients in a holisticmanner to facilitate our understanding of them and also enables us tounderstand their needs better. This argument is consistent with thephysiological view by Wilcockand Hocking (2015) about the holistic nature of the body having anatural biological rhythm. Atthe same time, I think the holistic view promotes our objectivity inour quest to understand and assist the client. Therefore, I feel thatwe should consider the physical, the mental and the social issuesfrom a holistic view about an individual.

Yourargument about the two schools of thought about the impact of theenvironmental changes creates a practical view of understanding therelationship between our bodies and the environment. I agree withyour view that civilization has corrupted the mind of a human beingas well as the physical state. I think this effect is facilitated bythe deviation of our bodies from the natural balance. I believecivilization has drawn the human beings from the aspect of being inbalance with the environment by creating an imbalance between thesocial, mental and physical aspects.

Ialso tend to agreewith the authors that the Physical, mental and social issues areimportant to the collaboration between biological rhythms andhomeostasis.This is because each of these three integrates to create a balancebetween them in a manner that a healthy person operates in fullcoordination. According toJones (2000), ourbodies do not act well or achieve full homeostasis if there is animbalance between the body and the environment. Therefore, I think weall agree with the authors of the textbook.


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