Introductionof the Samsung Galaxy Hero into China

SamsungGalaxy Hero is the latest smart phone from Samsung and is expected tobe introduced into the Asian market starting from China. It isdesigned with Chinesegraphics and the latestAndroidtechnology to suit the Chinese middle class.

Thefirst step of introducing the phone in China will involve setting upan assembly point in China due to the cheap operating cost in thecountry. This would be to ensure that it issoldat a competitive price, just like the other smart phones like Applealready in the market. Advertisement campaigns onthe main newspapersand television stations like CCTV should be started within two weeksbefore the device isstockedintoSamsung stores and other authorized dealers. The country brandmanager will hold a press conference on the day of initiating the adsthat will feature a local athletedue to the Chineseculture love for sports (Chen,&amp Hu, 2012).

Challengesthat are likely to be faced involve stiff challenge from competitivefrom other companies like Huawei and Apple (Chen,&amp Hu, 2012).


Businessand politics

Abusinessshould not be involved in politicaldiscussions to avoid being linked to a particular politicalaffiliation. Businesses should be perceived to be politicallyneutral. This is because the clients of companiesareusually composedof people from different political backgrounds. Therefore, takingsides in political discussions will make the company seem biasedtowards a particular politicalside,a scenario that should beavoided.

Businessesare people`sinvestments and risk being lost as a result of favoringa political affiliation over another because politics involvesprobability. If the supported side loses,the winning teammay formulate policies that may end up targeting the business,therefore leading to financial losses.


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