Disney as a Leading Force of U.S Imperialism

Disneyas a Leading Force of U.S Imperialism


Disneyas a Leading Force of U.S Imperialism

Imperialismrefers to broadening the power of a nation by acquiring othercountries through diplomacy or military force. Cultural imperialismentails the promotion of a dominant culture over a least known one.The American culture spread rapidly throughout the world with theadvent of mass media. Disney Empire played a huge role in spreadingthe American culture gaining international recognition as arepresentation of the Americans. This paper discusses the concept ofDisney being a leading force of U.S imperialism.

Istrongly agree that Disney Empire is a leading force in spreading theAmerican culture. This is because children’s media products such asDisney reflect the different values that make a nation such as thepolitical, social, as well economic conditions prevailing in whichthe country they are produced (Belkhyr, 2013). Disney cartoons,therefore, led to the global diffusion of American cultural aspectsand lifestyles. This in turn led to people have developing opinionsabout the American values based on what was being displayed by theDisney products. Disney products communicate individualist ethics andconsumerist ideologies beneficial to the Americans as the dominantpower over less powerful cultures (Belkhyr, 2013). For example, inJapan when Tokyo Disneyland was opened, the Japanese people inheritedDisney themes in most children parks promoting the American cultureover their own. Arab children grow up with American ideas and valuesdisseminated by Disney products. Families’ book vacations to visitDisneyland, in addition to the use of Disney toys and video games atthe expense of local products.

Inconclusion, Disney promotes American culture all over the world. Itsproducts have been a significant cultural influence by introducingthe powerful American culture all over the world. People have adoptedthe ideas in such products and neglected their own heritage. Thismakes Disney Empire an international cultural imperialist endorsingthe powerful American culture over the other cultures.


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