Onlinemedia coverage breakdown and analysis

Thissection details the different online media platforms that will beused in the company. The furniture company will focus more on havingits strategy on Facebook. The choice of Facebook is mainly informedby the large audience that Facebook has with over 1.44 billion usersevery month (Drewniany &amp Jewler, 2013). This is an attractiveplatform for the furniture retailers to have their wares. Through theinteraction on Facebook, the consumers get to give more amount ofinformation regarding the likes and dislikes. Through this, thefurniture company will get a picture of their customers and theirneeds.

Inensuring that the Furniture business grows and is up to speed withthe requirements in the market, the focus will be on Facebook Ads andFacebook fan page. First, there will be the use of the “Like”button plug-in where possible (Parsons, 2011). This plug-in buttonwill be integrated into the website, emails, blogs and even thedifferent press releases and news articles. If a customer clicks itthen it becomes automatically a fan page.

Inthe Facebook, the comments box will be used as an application.Through this box, the comments can then appear both on the websiteand Facebook page so that friends of the customer can see theircomments regarding the store or products.

Additionally,the other way will be through Friends of Friends, and this is to beachieved through Facebook ads. This works in a way such that if acustomer is to like the product then they are likely to buy it, ortheir friends would like to have the same product (Parente &ampStrausbaugh-Hutchinson, 2014). Therefore, the strategy is to betailor-made to have the fans and the leads at the same time so thatmoney goes twice as far. There is no need of settling in having themjust be fans a set up should be in place to have them give the emailaddress so that a follow up can be made through a mail.

Usingthe Fan page allows the use of video. This often is effectiveespecially in instances where the fans are allowed to upload videosof the furniture to the site (Okazaki &amp Taylor, 2013). A case inpoint would be the customers making the presentation of the “ugliestsofa” and why they should be given one. The presentation wouldentail videos with the customers explaining why they need one. Thevideos would then go to the Fan page and direct the friends to theFan page.

Additionally,the business marketing strategy of the Facebook will entail becominga fan to a related business so that the fans can easily find one(Hsu, 2012). Additionally, the creation of Facebook event for thefans will assist. The event would entail designing a room and havingit with certain furniture in place at a defined budget. Giving thefans, such an opportunity on Facebook would make them feel special.Activities such as link sharing, photo uploads, posts and contestswould be encouraged. To encourage the use of the page, there is needto ensure that it is up to date and has current posts. The name ofthe company or organization and the brand should be locked up onFacebook. If possible creating a furniture game concerning furnitureon Facebook will go along-way in ensuring that sales are made and theproducts marketed.


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