Day 1: A sumptuous breakfast is served at 8 am at Kama Bangkok Hotel(Kama Bangkok, 2015). The Tour members depart Kama Bangkok Hotel at9:00 am on 11/12/2015 using a van rented from the Sixt Car Rentalservices for the three-day tour (Sixt, 2015). The company shallprovide their staff to transport the tourists to Soi Dao HighlandGolf Resort that is located in Pong Nam Ron District (Golf Orient,2015). The drive away is by the #317 road through Chantaburi toSakaeo. Travel time is four hours to the destination. At 1.00 pm, thetourists will arrive at the Resort and given a tour of the resortaround the beautiful tropical gardens surrounding the facility afterbeing served with lunch. The tourists get to view two small lakes andtiny ponds that constitute the water hazard in the region and enjoy amajestic view of the Soi Dao Mountains (Soi Dao Highland Golf Resort,2015). One of the staff from the Soi Dao Highland Golf Resort guidesthe tour. At 3 pm, golf tournaments at the course are conducted wherethe tour members shall participate. At 5 pm, the games are expectedto end, and the members are checked into their rooms. At 6.00pm,buffet dinner is served and everyone gets to enjoy the meals as theywatch the beautiful sunset.

Day 2: At 7 am, heavy breakfast is served, and at 8 am, the Sixt vanwill drive the group to Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary. One of the majoreco-tourist attractions at the sanctuary is the Khai Soi Daowaterfall that has 16tiers (Sarakham, 2006). Upon arrival at 9 am,the members will be received by the sanctuary’s staff and led tothe visitor’s center. The group is assigned a tourist guide whotakes the group for a 3km walk to the starting point of climbing thewaterfall where they arrive at noon and rest for 15minutes. Touristsget to see the famous Spiny Breasted Frog and other herbal plants(Trek and trips, 2013). At 12.15 pm, they walk through the tropicalforest, enjoy the abundant local vegetation, watch birds, andbutterflies. At 1.15, arrival at the sixth level and proceed to theninth level through the narrow nature trails. At 2.00 pm, arrival atthe ninth level and the group rests by the fall. At 2.15 pm, thegroup proceeds to the tenth level where they enjoy a panorama view ofthe Khao Soi Dao forest and at 3 pm proceed to the highest level.Arrival at the 16th level is expected to be at 3.30 pmwhere the members get to enjoy their lunch and swimming at the pool.At 5 pm, the members will return to the visitor center where they arechecked in their rooms at the Bungalows. At 8 pm, the group attends alate night dinner that ends their day.

Day 3: At 8 am, the group is served breakfast and at 9 am, the groupleaves for a bird watching trip to the Khai Soi Dao Forest. Thetourist will use the van for the bird watching trip, and a touristguide from the sanctuary shall guide them. Tourists will view somebird species such as Kingfisher, Green Pigeons, Black-throatedSunbird, Oriental Pied, Great and Wreathed Hornbills, BandedBroadbill, and Orange-breasted Trogon (Upton, 2015). At 12 pm, shallreturn to the visitor center and have an early lunch. At 1 pm, departfrom Soi Dao district for Bangkok marking the end of the touristjourney.










Day one

B-Kama Bangkok

L-Soi Dao Highland Golf Resort

D- Soi Dao Highland Golf Resort

9 am from Kama Bangkok to1 pm Soi Dao Highland Golf Resort

Tropical rainforest, two small lakes and the tiny water ponds, view of the Soi Dao Mountains

Soi Dao Highland Golf Resort

Sixt Car Rental services

Rainforest, Mountains


Soi Dao Highland Golf Resort is a four-star hotel that is located next to the Soi Dao Mountains. It provides a scenic view of the mountains and the pleasant tropical forest that surrounds the forest. The hotel has relaxing rooms that allows one clearly to view the clear blue sky and the bright stars shining at night.

Day Two

&nbspB- Soi Dao Highland Golf Resort

L- Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary

D- Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary

8.30 am from Soi Dao Highland Golf Resort to 9.00 am Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary

Climbing the Khai Soi Dao waterfall

Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary

Sixt Car Rental services

panorama view of the Khao Soi Dao forest and tropical forest, local vegetation, watch birds, butterflies, and the spiny breasted frog

By Chanjira Sarakham, 2006

The picture shows level 16 of the Khai Soi Dao waterfall, the highest level that is said to be close to the peak of the Soi Dao mountains. There are local vegetations near the waterfall and has a pond that serves a swimming pool too.

Day Three

B- Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary

L- Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary

9 am from the visitor center to Khai Soi Dao Forest

Birdwatching at Khai Soi Dao Forest


Sixt Car Rental services

Rare bird species

By Alister Benn &ampAlbert Norlander

The picture represents some of the rare bird species that one gets to see at Khai Soi Dao Forest. They include Black-throated Sunbird and the little spiderhunter.


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