Environment and Management Sustainability

Environmentand Management Sustainability

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11November 2015

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Environmentand Management Sustainability

Environmentstresses caused by population growth, suburbanization,industrialization and extreme climatic change has become a projectingtheme of international concern. Report from the environmental bodies’claims that one of the most affected natural resources iswater(Pahl-Wostlet al 2013).For instance, in a country like Canada the urbanization of largetowns and cities has over the years continues henceforth, it isbecoming more challenging for the government official in the countryto solve the water management crisis.With no space in the major townsand cities, it is becoming hard for the government officials tomanage the excessive water from the storm.

Therisk to excessive water in Canada has raised the public attention.RethinkTires, (2015) 68%of the Canadian people says that the government officials shouldimpose and preparefor the possibility of the excessive waterdisasters in major Cities that are likely to be caused by the a heavystorms. The preparation will essentially help the managing watersystem in putting a measure that will protect the environment and thecommunity. Report by the storm management system in Canada outlinesthat 9/10 of the Canadian people believes that a major disastercaused by a Sandy hurricane will affect the society in the case of aheavy storm that will cause excessive water in the Cities(RethinkTires, 2015).

Asthe country is getting prepared for any excessive water disaster, thestorm management system body spends at about $80 billion to managethe water crisis(RethinkTires,. 2015).As such this involves drinking water, wastewater, and storm water.The excessive water in Canada also affects the infrastructure system.The storm management system reports that storm water makes theinfrastructure be in a poor condition.RethinkTires. (2015)states that 78% of the people living in the urban believes that thetown water infrastructure is in shape condition, and there is no needfor spending upkeep money on the same.


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