Environmental Management


Asthe new environmental manager, I am expected to offer opinions andresearch on the conservation and use of natural resources.Additionally as an environmental manager I should provide answers toquestions that come up on control hazards and the protection of theenvironment. I should give ideas on the issues that are surroundingthe field of environmental management. My duty is to have solutionsto problems that arise within the environmental which I work in,being an environmental manager means that I should also discuss onmatters that I have noticed need to be worked on (Reynolds, Hessburg,&amp Bourgeron, 2014).

Environmentalmanagement in Microsoft involves the come up of strategies that willboth provide and offer better assistant in insights that are requiredfor successful policy change. Being the manager I will find newmethods that will give effective results in terms of ensuring thatthe company stays ahead of other competitive enterprises. (Reynolds,Hessburg, &amp Bourgeron, 2014)With the access of software thatMicrosoft can provide, it is best for the company to offer a helpinghand to other minor companies so that they may reduce their carbonfootprint and also reduce their operational cost.

Froma blog posted by a blogger on environmental management, one canunderstand that this role does assist in ensuring that energy doesn’tget misused instead it gets saved to be used for other majorpurposes. Generally environmental management plays a chief role inthe development of a company as it acts as a look out on the factorsthat may bring about the downfall of an enterprise.


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