Responseto VuanHata’s observations

VuanHata’sobservations after visiting the website show that there are vitalaspects about the subject that he took note, and yet they looktrivial to the whole discourse public health. Most discussions aboutpublic health usually focus on the local environments of the areasunder focus. VuanHata’s realization that the public healthdiscourse is a global affair rather than local and national affair. The issues that he identified as global issues associated with publichealth such as infectious diseases and environmental problems areindeed universal. VuanHata pins down his general observation oneissue: tobacco use and its effect on individual and community world.He points out that six million people dies every year of problemsdirectly or indirectly related to tobacco smoking. VaunHata’sobservations show that some of the issues that we consider typical ofour localities could be the origin of many challenges that affectsthe world today. Hence, concerted efforts from individuals,communities, and governments require the realization that they arenot just local problems, but global problems.

Responseto Kaitlin Aldrich’s observations

Aldrichis right by stating that the individual cocoons of people impede fromseeing the challenges they face from a global perspective. Unlike themany who are wrapped up in personal concerns, she becomes differentby realizing, through visiting the ASPPH website, which environmentaland natural calamities are as a result of people’s failure torecognize that whatever happens in their locality has the potentialto affect another part of the world miles away from where they live.The solutions to world problems that are caused by human activitiesthat degrade and destroy the natural environment need globalsolutions. Possibly, the global solutions should be in a greatermagnitude than the effect the environment hazards cause on earth.


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