Essay Review Gender Politics in Ju Dou

EssayReview: Gender Politics in JuDou

Themain thesis of the essayist is that the film JuDouis about women having superior powers than it is about men ingendered politics. The essayist argues that gender politics arereflected in the film, and mirrors a society that is marred with maledomination. The essayist argues that the film reflects thiscircumstance by showing the consequences of females holding power insuch a society.

Todevelop the thesis, the essayist starts with the description of thesociety that is reflected in the film. The essayist explains thegendered society as the reflection of what is seen in the genderpolitics of the film. He then presents the beginning of the film andhow the events between Ju Dou and Tianqing show gender issues. Toshow that the film focuses more on females holding superior position,the essayist explains the relationship between Ju Dou and Tianqing.He specifically explains how Ju Dou lets Tianqing take control ofdecision making, unlike many men in the society. By comparing thecharacter of Ju Dou and Jinshan, the essayist creates a reflection ofhow women influence relationships and families in the setting of agendered society.

Theessay helps significantly in the understanding of the film Ju Dou.From the essay, I get the perspective of the gendered politics, thatit is more about women than men. I have learned the problem thatcreates gender politics is the problems that women face when theyhold positions not regarded as theirs. From the essay, I understandthat this is the creation that the society uses to maintain thegender differences. The essay provides a perspective of understandingthe consequences that women get when they attempt to hold positionsthat are traditionally considered to be for men.