Essential Ritual




Healthprofession is well known for its unpredictable workload. Sometimes,working in a health care set up can be so overwhelming especiallywhen the flow of patients is constant and emergencies are involved.In this case, the caregivers can be too tired to offer quality healthcare(Margolis, 2006).Thus, there is a need for a reflection prior to starting to work.

Hospitalmanagement should learn how to influence positive changes in theculture of the work environment, and this could be practicallyachieved by allotting time and providing the expectations ofemployees to be more mindful of themselves. A three-minute break maysound so little, but changing a few formalities and integratingregular short breaks for employees, a big difference can be notedsince it can be utilized in reading before a shift begins.

Itis a common thing at workplace to hear a nurse in charge or thematron saying it is a waste of time to take a break. Little do theyknow that such a small break can bring a whole change and staffmembers becomes more efficient, have good relations with theirco-workers and even patients, and they end up making relatively fewermistakes. Managers are capable of supporting work-life balance bylimiting overtime schedules and providing time away from thestressors of the job to replenish and unwind between the shifts (Margolis, 2006).

Inown viewpoint, I think a 3-minute reading is critical to caregiverssince it can help caregivers to relax as well as offer a reflectionof what they can apply in an upcoming shift as they attend to thepatients. This is critical to ensure efficiency in carrying out theirwork.


Margolis,H., &amp McCabe, P. P. (2006). Improving self-efficacy andmotivation what to do, what to say. Interventionin school and clinic,41(4),218-227.