Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing Practice


Evidence-BasedPractice in Nursing Practice

Evidence-BasedPractice in Nursing Practice

Evidenced-BasedPractice(EBP) is the use of the best available information and researchevidence in decision making about patient care (Conner, 2014). In thenursing practice, we apply scientific evidence on a daily basis as weseek to take care of patients. In my practice, I can apply EBP toimprove my decision making and achieve clinical expertise in takingcare of the patients I care for. I can also apply EBP to make anexpert opinion in about the health care circumstances I face inpatient care.

Mostimportantly, EBP provides me with information, which is the bestresource in health care and making decisions about patients.According to Leufer and Cleary (2013) the use of EBP is importantbecause it equips nurses to provide the highest level of qualityservices with the best possible resources available. Therefore, I canalso apply evidence-based practice in understanding how to handlehealth care processes and procedures such as catheterization process.

Whilethe use of EBP is important, the lack of management support in somenursing environments poses an impediment to the implementation ofEBP. The practice of EBP should be supported through nursingresearch, which lacks in some clinical environments. At the sametime, the lack of financial resources to support nursing research isalso an impediment to the practice of EBP in most clinicalenvironments.

Topromote EBP in my nursing practice, I will focus on the use ofinformation from nursing research and apply it in all my nursingprocesses. Through the use of nursing research, I will get theevidence-based information to apply in my practice. Another strategyis to develop questions that require nursing information fromevidence-based content and publications (Leufer &amp Cleary, 2013).Applying this strategy will open me to more information. In addition,I can use EBP to develop more knowledge or the need for informationabout health care that will be achieved through nursing research


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