“Evolutionary” Strategic Change


“Evolutionary&quotStrategic Change

“Evolutionary&quotStrategic Change

Evolutionarystrategic change is a concept that denotes the framework pursued byan organization in a particular time to ensure the survival of theorganization. Evolutionary strategic change means that anorganization makes changes in its processes and operational frameworkfrom time to time in relation to the prevailing conditions in theenvironment. An evolutionary change is basically a transformationthat is precipitated by external forces or outside incentives(Ginter,2013).For example, many healthcare institutions and providers have evolvedwith time due to technological advancements from using paper healthrecord to electronic medical records. In the United States, thistransformation is propelled by the incentives that are provided bythe federal government to healthcare providers who adopt electronicrecord-keeping (Ginter,2013).

Unlikethe revolutionary change where transformation in an organization isradical and sudden, evolutionary change is gradual and premeditated.Change is only made after observing the prevailing situation in theoperating environment (Ginter,2013). The organization does not predict market changes before it occurs,but rather changes are made due to challenges witnessed as aconsequence of adjustments in the operating environment. Theorganization is the starting point. It is a strategy where anorganization makes gradual improvements to processes that support theoperations rather than radical changes to ensure survival in themarket. Improvement, in this case, is pegged on quantitativeassessment of the performance of various processes (Ginter,2013).The evolutionary model stresses small incremental changes. Under thisstrategy, the organization is transformed into a learning entity withthe capability of generating something new in a step by step process(Ginter,2013).


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